Meet Rochelle

Meet Rochelle

Rochelle's just your average foreign exchange student with a touch too much hopeless romantic in her.

Originally hailing from Scaris, France, Rochelle is a rock-firm believer in rules, honor, and knowing the time and place for anything. While she might originally come off as a stick in the mud, Rochelle does have a sharp sense of humor and would not be the person to have trying to get you back for something. (She WILL win, you WON'T be able to prove she did anything, and NO ONE who hasn't fallen victim to her diabolical side will believe you.

Sweet and somewhat sensitive, Rochelle has doubts about fulfilling her own goals but believes in her friends with granite-like firmness. Has been known to pine every so often for her long-lost love, Garrote.

Friends: Abbey, Rapunzel, Catrine 
Goals: To become a writer, her love of poetry is truly legendary
Likes: Basking in the sun, heavy thinking, reading. 
Dislikes: Loud, obnoxious people, anyone who is thoughtless, her own work
Virtues: Tender-hearted and kind, gentle-natured
Flaws: Takes things personally, sometimes lets people take advantage of her

"Every day is like a beautiful gift, but one we don't appreciate until it has been squandered."

About: Rochelle is a 1st release Rochelle Goyle from Monster High. She hasn't been modified in any way, save the fact that I tend to like her in outfits besides her regular stock.

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  1. There's a gift set now of Rochelle Goyle and Garrote.