Meet Rapunzel

Meet Rapunzel! 

Rapunzel (she sometimes goes by 'Punzie) is a young woman who's just learning about the world outside of her prison tower. She's a princess by birth, but a hyperactive lemur by nature.

Rapunzel's a regular face around here, as she likes getting into anything and everything new. She's typically accompanied by Eugene, her boyfriend and guide to the world outside. Kind-hearted to a fault, giggly and cheerful, she's easy to dismiss as a child even though she's really 18 years old.

She deplores shoes as a general rule, but has learned to appreciate heavier boots for their sturdiness and even has a few pair of dress shoes she'll tolerate.. for a while, anyway. Queen Mama's always insisting that she learn to wear them for court life, at least.

Friends: Eugene Fitzherbert, Rochelle, and pretty much everyone who meets her. 
Goals: To finally fit into the world outside, while still having SO MUCH FUN doing it.
Likes: Almost everything.
Dislikes: Rude people, that there are only 24 hours in a day, formal wear, shoes that hurt her feet.
Virtues: Loving, trusting, ALWAYS keeps her promises, wants to see the good in everyone.
Flaws: Hyperactive, *too* trusting, impulsive, will try absolutely anything once.

"It was just a *little* explosion. I thought it was exciting!"

About: Rapunzel is the first custom doll I've made (successfully). After about three tries, I finally managed to re-root the head of a wave 1 Disney Store Rapunzel doll with brunette hair. Why was I so determined? Because it cheeses me off that Rapunzel has such a vast shortage of brunette dolls! And I like her with short, messy, non-princessy brown hair. So there, marketing people.

Rapunzel's got a Liv body, originally from a Katie doll who I like to think donated her body to science. At some point, I'd like to have a go at putting glass eyes on Rapunzel. Since it took me three tries just to re-root a doll head without spearing/tearing it into oblivion, that's obviously a long-term goal, though.

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