Meet Elsa!

Meet Elsa! 

Her Royal Highness, the Snow Queen Elsa of Arendelle, formally invites you into her presence.

Elsa is a practical woman with a love for geometry, who can come off as rather... frigid at first. The Snow Queen has annexed a section of our little neighborhood, and considering that Eugene and Rapunzel aren't the.. most conscientious about taking care of things, it's probably a good thing. Elsa also has the unique ability to create ice and snow with her magic powers!

Elsa might seem cold and standoffish, but she really does have a warm heart under all that introversion. Her sister Anna and cousin Rapunzel are the most frequent observers of Elsa's playful side, but once she settles in more, perhaps the others will get to enjoy Elsa's fun side. (Nii has met Elsa's impish vengeful side more than once!)

Friends: Anna, Rapunzel
Goals: To become more confident in herself.
Likes: Keeping things organized and in order, family
Dislikes: Confrontational people, chaos
Virtues: Patient, an excellent planner
Flaws: Overly sensitive, second-guesses herself

"Please don't make me ask everyone to chill out. That joke has been done to death."

About: Elsa is a first-edition Disney Store deluxe doll, and hasn't been altered other than her frequent costume changes.

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