Meet Abbey

Abbey Bominable is not on the mountain anymore. Originally hailing from the Himalayas, Abbey had a pretty sheltered life with a rock-solid traditions.

Taking the opportunity to transfer to a more modern city, one that doesn't even have SNOW on the ground  year 'round, has been a real adjustment. A lot of things are done differently here, and Abbey sometimes finds herself at a loss to understand what is being done, let alone WHY.

Abbey is a no-nonsense kind of girl who doesn't mince words. After all, back on the mountain, to waste one's breath was to invite frostbite of the tongue! Almost as culture-shocked as Rapunzel, Abbey is much less... bouncy. She does have a dry wit and a wicked sense of humor, however.

Friends: Eugene Fitzherbert, Marceline 
Goals: Learning more about the advanced ways of the world outside, and bringing it back home.
Likes: Shave ice, air conditioning, frankness.
Dislikes: Foolishness, those who seem to exist just to complicate the lives of others.
Virtues: Generally means well, patient like a glacier sculpting fjords.
Flaws: Distrustful of new people, jumps to conclusions, can seem "frosty" to new acquaintances.

"Your voice is like rumbling of avalanche, loud and boding no good."

About: Abbey is a wave 1 signature Abbey Bominable doll from Mattel's Monster High line. The only modification I've made to her (so far) is giving her a few small braids.

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