Friday, March 2, 2018

Mismatched Chelsea

Another random find at the thrift store was a nude Barbie Chelsea doll, which I *almost* left in the bin.


Almost. Chelsea and her friends don't interest me, except occasionally as potential clothing donors for Ember, so there's only one reason why this little doll made the trip home with me and claimed what I think is a Sparkle Girlz mini doll dress for her own, and a pair of shoes that I found one at a time over the course of about three weeks. So, why did this doll get purchased when so many of her kin did not?

Sittin' like a pro
She's got articulated knees! She's also got a lever in her back that prompts her right arm to swivel a bit back and forth, but that's not nearly as interesting. Her tights are painted on. This garish dress is the only thing I've got that kind of matches those pink legs at this size. The shoes, crazy enough, also kinda match the dress. Good thing she's got some, they hide the faint chew marks on her feet.

Maybe she's not so mismatched, after all?

KinderJoy flash cards, or are they game cards?
Her hips also allow her legs to swing out, if desired, so she can sprawl out in the floor with flash cards or maybe ride a teeny-tiny horse or something.

She can even cross her ankles! Now if only she could bend her elbows. Or at least, get a brush through her hair!