Monday, August 14, 2017

Ready, Set, RESET! Pt 3 Cars and Marvel

Finally, something's going on over in the "boy toys"! I was super-hyped to see Cars 3 blind bags on the shelf, but wait-!

These are totally different than the mini cars that were available at Walgreens! Still though, that's an impressive lineup. No Doc, which makes me sad, but look! Smokey's in there, along with Sally and even Guido! I didn't pick any of these up yet, I want to see if there's codes for them online first.

There were also Cars 3 Mash'Ems on offer. I don't have any of these, but I like the idea of them. 

A trip down the Action Figures (and also Funko stuff) aisle revealed Thor: Ragnarok figures and New Marvel Legends. So here's Loki and his ridiculous helmet that makes him look like a hood ornament, and Jessica Jones, whose show I haven't seen but whose look I really like.

Here's the lineup on the Ragnanok figures. Looks like we're building Gladitor!Hulk. Are you not entertained?! Interesting, it looks like the girl Thor is in this lineup as well. Didn't see her on the peg, so doubtless she'd already been snapped up before I arrived.

I did mention that the Action Figures are partially displaced by the Funko figures, didn't I? Ickis from Nick's Aaaahhh! Real Monsters was the most tempting new figure out on the shelves so far.

On the subject of Pops, if you like them, or know someone who does, and you're a GameStop Rewards member, check your email! GameStop is firing up a Pop sub service, and the email about it includes instructions for getting an e-coupon for a FREE Pop figures (up to $9 value, I think?) in their stores. I ended up picking up the lonely Doc Hudson who has been sitting on the shelves for ages.


  1. Oh, wow! That Loki figure kinda, sorta, almost looks like the actor. I will be on the lookout for that one.

    1. The Marvel 6" figures just keep getting better and better, honestly!

  2. I haven't seen the Jessica Jones show/comic either but I have heard it's really DARK

  3. Hoping to see some blind bag codes for the Wave 2 of the Cars 3 Mini Racers.

    I bought some of the new packs today thinking the numbers have restarted but I assume 1 to 12 is still the Wave 1 cars because 1 was still Lightening McQueen, 4 was still Cruz Ramirez, 9 was still Murray Clutchburn etc., so I now need to find out if the numbers go higher.