Thursday, August 10, 2017

Ready, Set, RESET! Pt 1

The reset is finally hitting! Here are a few items I saw today, plus a couple of the last clearance items on the shelves!

It had been so long since we'd had any Sparkle Girlz fashions that I was beginning to worry that the store wasn't ordering any more! A whole new case of them was out today. I took lots of pics, but that'll have to be another post. I did grab this one, though. Am I the only one thinkin "Mabel Pines" at the sight of this pink sweater? The outfits, which I believe were previously $.97, are now an even dollar. Still worth it.

These little monkeys are interesting. They respond to touch, motion and sounds, and cling to your finger. They're kind of cute!

This styling head from Cool Maker also caught my eye. I like the ghostly/alien vibe of the paper white skin and super-long neck. The idea that you could conceivably color the whole head is pretty neat, too.

I've heard of the LOL Surprise balls, but this was my first time actually seeing any in person. These are the Lil Sisters balls, which come with an accessory for the full sized dolls, a pair of shoes, a sticker, secret message, and a surprise feature when filled with water. It's a pity the dolls aren't as cute as the artwork.

I haven't previously seen this, though. LOL Surprise Fizz factory. It looks like you hide charms (or your own small items) inside what basically amounts to a bath bomb. It would be interesting to know if these actually are bath bombs or if they're just fizzy.

You know I love cars. These Shopkins Cutie Cars are adorable and come with mini Shopkins that look like they could be appropriately sized for the Happy Places figures. I think these cars are the only Shopkins items that I care for.

The dolls are pretty cute, though. I love the colors used on Marsha Mello, here.

Also new on the shelves were these three (and only these three) Enchantimals mini dolls. Smaller even than the Ever After High pixies, these odd yet cute mini dolls are a little pricey in my opinion. I mean, their tops are painted on!

This is the first of the Tangled: The Series dolls to pop up on the shelf. Rapunzel here reminds me of Goldie Blox in this pose.

Several new Descendants 2 dolls were out. This Evie is my favorite so far. That dress!

DC's got a line of what can only be described as "knock off Disney Animator's Collection" toddler dolls coming out. This Wonder Woman was the only one out here so far. She's pretty cute.

There was also this DC SuperHero Girls playset with Supergirl that has an interesting X-ray vision gimmick. I like the lockers.

YES. Finally the Star Wars: Forces of Destiny dolls/figures are coming out here! Endor Leia isn't here (yet?), but it was nice to finally see the other dolls in person. I would rather that these toys all had removeable clothing for redressing, but it's great to see the effort that obviously went into these.

More Sparkle Girlz popcorn dolls. I like the genies. There's a few superhero-themed ones behind them.

Uh, wow. This is a shocker. Shibajuku Girls? For less than $20? It'll be interesting to see how well these move. I like the punky outfit on the one on the right.

Finally, here we are at the last of the clearance stuff. The Marvel 6" figures that are left are down to $3-$4, and I'm reminding myself over and over that no, I don't need them. Even if they're cheap. I don't need them.

A few straggling Star Wars Black Series figures (both large and small) and carded figure are also waiting for someone to take them home. I didn't manage to get a pic, but the DC Superhero Girls figures that are typically $10 were down to $2!

The last straggling My Little Pony: Guardians of Harmony figures were only $1!

It was hard to get the price AND the toy in this picture, so sorry for the bad angle! This Mini MixieQ's theater was just $2.50... but without the mini figures. The blind bags were available awhile back for $1.50 each, but they're all gone now!

The "Boys' Section" doesn't seem to have anything new in it (yet), but there are definitely spaces being carved out for new stuff. Maybe we'll *finally* get the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 wave 2 figures? Sheesh, glad I got my Rocket AGES ago from ebay!


  1. When I saw the Star Wars dolls in person I was very excited until I saw the molded clothing. That is sooooo limiting.

    1. Endor Leia will have all cloth clothing, at least. Hopefully she sells so well they adopt that for everyone going forward!

  2. Alrighty, you got your reset! Looks like you've got some cool stuff available too.

    1. There's some really interesting stuff coming in! I'm curious what the blank spots on the shelves will end up having!

  3. Trade me stores, mine sucks. :(

    1. You remember you got all those SW Black Series figures before me, right? XD