Monday, August 14, 2017

Ready, Set, RESET! Part 4: Steven Universe and More Dolls

Whew, we're STILL going through more new stuff!? Okay, let's get going!

I'll admit, I'm not up on all the Steven Universe stuff coming out. Heck, I haven't even seen the latest... four... five? episodes of the show. But I thought that these McFarlane construction kits were pretty neat. I think I may like them better than the Walking Dead construction sets, for that matter. 

(Edit: I've since been told that these sets are pretty fragile and even the figures are prone to falling apart, probably not the best for anyone who intends to do more than display them)

Here's Rose Quartz and Amethyst. I like that Rose's hair is this massive heap of terrifying bubblegum pink nightmare curls.

Peridot, I'll admit, I was tempted to get. She's even got her evil Zim grin and her limb enhancers!

Pearl comes with a nifty pillar and a sword for destroying her enemies.

And Garnet, interestingly enough, comes with that "we got crap past the censors" arcade game. Don't break it, Mr. Smiley will have a fit.

And lastly (and most awesomely), there's Greg Universe and his van! And I guess Steven's there, too.

This Shopkins Shoppies playset was also new. I think the little gelato cart is the cutest doll vehicle this line's made so far.

A bunch of these squishy food toys were put out. They're ridiculously soft.

And *squishy*!

A few My Little Pony: The Movie toys were out, including some new Guardians of Harmony figures! Pony pirates are a thing now! We had Twilight...

...And a really amazing Pinkie Pie. Look at her, she's adorable!

We also had the *tiniest* Littlest Pet Shop toys I think I've ever seen, shown here next to normal figures for scale.

Love it or hate it, Teen Titans Go! is huge. Imaginext had a couple of figures for the series, including Raven...

...And Cyborg. According to the package, there should be more, but these are the only two I found. I love that there's now a toy that shoots steaks at your other toys. The Ninja Turtles had that van that shot pizzas, this seems like a natural next step.

I was not prepared for how big the Spirit: Riding Free dolls were. I thought they'd be around 9" tall. They're closer to 11!

Here's the rest of the full size dolls in the lineup. They all look very sweet, but good gravy, they're HUGE!

I have no idea who this girl is, but she has a doll on our shelves. She looks like Rainbow Brite's kid sister.

The newest Made to Move doll. I wish they'd go back to selling multiple skintones of basic dolls instead of trying to turn them into playsets with the same skintone (or nearly the same) over and over!

Multipacks of Sparkle Girls dolls with a superhero theme! Nice!

Finally, Endor Leia popped up on our shelves. Whoa, I was not expecting her to be $35, though!

And we also got a few more of the small Tangled: The Series dolls. I like how the one that comes with Maximus is packaged. In comparison, the doll next to her looks like someone rubbed a massive balloon on her head and she's become a vengeful goddess of static electricity.


  1. When there's trouble you know what to do...
    Call Cyborg!
    He can shoot a rocket from his shoe,
    cause he's Cyborg!

    What better way to end a stakeout than with a nice, juicy steak!

    There's also a Spirit line of 5" dolls with 7" horses, if those would fit better into your collection.

    JoJo Siwa is the next kid being exploited by Disney or Nickelodeon. She'll be flashing her boobs and snorting coke in no time.

    1. I love both the classic and current Teen Titans series, ha ha!

      Ha, those poor pre-teen idol kids. They don't stand a chance, do they?

    2. Jeez, Barb, you hit that on the head about Disney's child stars. Every single one turns out to be a nogoodnik down the road. That JoJo doll sure is cute, though.

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  3. ROFL!! I just sent you pics of like half these dolls from my store! XD

    1. I find it hilarious that we both thought of Rainbow Brite.