Sunday, August 27, 2017

Musician Barbie

So as previously mentioned, I cashed in my Walmart app Savings Catcher money and snared this Barbie musician set for about $1 and some change. Let's see what I got for that dollar!

Here's everything, still attached to the box backing.

What I was most interested in in this set was the keyboard. Here's a closer look. The keys are actually sculpted on, which is a detail that I'll admit I wasn't expecting. Whoever applied the sticker to this one didn't do such a great job, though. It's a little crooked.

We've also got some sheet music printed on a piece of cardboard, along with a sticker of more sheet music on the stand. An elaborate microphone setup and a bottle of water are included.

The doll is your standard faced Barbie, who has articulation like the old Fashionistas lines. In other words, jointed at the neck, shoulder, wrist, elbows, hip and knees.

The doll also comes with a pink plastic guitar, which is hollow on the back side. The transparent pink strap, I didn't even notice when the guitar was still attached to the doll.

The doll's outfit is a grey short sleeved tee and a distressed polka-dot denim pencil skirt. A single bangle bracelet is on one wrist.

I was hoping that the shoes would be flat, but sadly they're for heeled feet. Look at them though, they're so cool-looking! I'd wear these shoes.

Since it's been awhile since Danai got a new outfit, I tried it on her for size. I kind of feel like it's not quite colorful enough for her, though!

Let's see how things look with a doll set up at the desk and the flash setting way too high on the camera. Sorry, I haven't had any luck getting the music stand to snap into place yet.

It's actually a decently-convincing piece of furniture from the side. It sits at a good height for the doll. Additionally, the bench seat is hollow, so you can store your sheet music or small accessories inside.

The one let down I can complain about is the top of the table. Stickers are just not my cup of tea on this sort of thing, but I guess at least that wood print is halfway convincing. (It actually makes the rest of the table look a bit shoddy. Maybe a repaint would spiff it up?


  1. You've got a keyboard, now you're gonna end up overrun with Genes.

    1. You say that like it's a bad thing.

  2. I need to sign up for that Walmart Saver app. I didn't know there was one and I could have racked up by now. I practically live there.

    I have this set and I have the same issue with the music piece not snapping into place. That's so aggravating.

    1. I highly recommend the Walmart app. You can scan the UPC on just about anything in the store and see the price without having to find one of the scanners (which are broken half the time anyway), you can search what the price is in your store vs. what it is on, and then there's the Savings Catcher! Scan your receipt's barcode and the app will compare prices on what you bought vs. competitors in your area, and reward you with the difference. This only works on name brands rather than the Sam's Choice items, but still, it is nice to get rewarded for buying stuff you would have bought anyway!

      I can't decide if I'm going to try gluing that piece in place or not. Ragh, it's just poorly designed.

  3. OMGosh why didn't I know about the Walmart App? Do you know how often I got to Walmart? All the money I could have been saving. I'm on it now though!

    Look at that pretty kitty! Almost makes me want to get a pet again... almost.

    1. I wish I could get compensation on more than just groceries! I swear, that's just about all I ever get kickback on. I hope it works out well for you, though! I'd say it took me... six months, maybe seven to save up that $8 on there. Usually $.03 or $.45 at a time, lol!

      That's Finn, he's an attention-needy mama's boy, and such a mess.