Thursday, August 31, 2017

JC Penney's Disney Dolls

JC Penney's is struggling these days, as are many of the old school department stores. One way that they're apparently trying to stave off extinction is with what amounts to a mini-Disney Store in some locations. As you can guess by the photo, I've finally run across one! There were a lot of toys and clothes on offer, but here are just a few that especially caught my eye.

The toddler dolls are in an odd middle ground between the standard ones you see in Walmart and the deluxe Disney Store ones in quality. The copious glittery clothing is a little off-putting for my tastes.

Wardrobe dolls are something I never realized I needed in my life, though! Once again the quality is in that weird middle ground with barely-articulated bodies but those great Disney Store face sculpts, but three outfits?! Yes, please!

Elsa pack, where were you when I needed you a couple of years ago?

Rapunzel's pack is nicely presented, with a simple version of her wedding dress included.

Belle's has her Winter dress and cloak, which is an outfit that I don't recall seeing much merch of.

I'll be honest, I almost bought this Ariel pack. They came so close to perfect with that peasant dress, but so far.

If you wanna build a snowman, this gift set of Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff and an oddly tiny Sven may be just what you're looking for. I like how Elsa's staring down at Olaf, like she's wondering how in the heck he's hovering in place like that.

Anti-gravity powers. Olaf has 'em.

That's not to say that the offering were only Disney dolls or indeed only toys, there were also lots of clothes, and a big section of Cars 3 merchandise that sadly didn't include the blind bags or anything else that we haven't seen in just about every store since the film came out. One unique and non-Disney item, though, was this classic 1980's-styled Strawberry Shortcake plush. I don't think I had one of these, but wow did the nostalgia kick in when I saw them!


  1. I thought that JC Penny went out of business? Or maybe that's Kmart I'm thinking of. I like that all the clothing is cloth and not those plastic dresses and colored legs they've been doing lately.

    1. I'm not sure if KMart is totally gone but they did close a ton of stores recently. JC Penney's has recently begun shuttering underperforming locations, too. Hopefully they'll pull through.

  2. Elsa should be wondering how she managed to bring a snowman to life in the first place! :)

    That's an interesting version of Belle's pink dress and cloak. Does it even have a hood?

    1. And Marshmallow, for that matter! Elsa, how does your magic even work!?

      I don't think that the cloak had a hood, but I couldn't swear to it one way or the other.