Monday, August 21, 2017

Eclipse viewing

It was a near-total eclipse of the sun today! Here's the view through some eclipse glasses at just a little past peak time: Not too shabby!
I also made a pinhole camera, which made things much harder to photograph. Harder to draw on my screen than I thought, too.
Another experiment from today: a false wall background for the foldaway house! Needs better lighting and my posterboard was too small, but I think conceptually it's sound!

Hope you got some great views wherever you were, today!


  1. Boy howdy, was that eclipse fun or what? Great pic of the sun; I only got shadow pics.

    1. And to think, in seven years we can do it all again!

  2. I think that the wall looks AWESOME.

  3. That wall makes me want kool-aid. XD