Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy July 4th!

We've got a new Rudolph in town! The old one's probably going to get turned into a new character or something, but for now, here's Louise and the new Rudolph. They're a cute couple. :)

The old one was an Isul Milk Tea, who was just... A little too pale for my tastes. This one is an Isul Lir Nostalgia, who I got for a bargain price on eBay.

His stock had some sun fading, but that's okay because I doubt I'll be using it. I mean, it was cute, but not something I anticipate using often, if ever. It could probably be pulled apart to make a pattern or something, though? Idk.

Louise's hair still needs another trim, it looks like it's going to crowd Rudolph right off the bench! Her dress is (I think) a Skipper dress. Rude's shirt is from a Teen Beach Movie doll and his shorts are Monster High. This is the best we could do for a patriotic pair of outfits, I'm afraid!

Well, we tried! 

The patriotic bench is a find from the thrift store that was (I think) a dollar. I had plans to strip the paint off of it, but since it's still got flag decor, it's part of our scene today.

Eileen popped up to take a selfie with Louise on the bench. It's hard to get two giant heads into the shot, isn't it, Eileen? Hope you had a safe and fun July 4!

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    I do think this Rudy looks a little less girly though. XD