Sunday, July 30, 2017

Clearance Day 2017, pt 2

So, as previously indicated, I may have gone just a *bit* overboard with the tsum tsum blind bags. Here's my haul, minus one repeat of Dopey:

My mom would have loved that Buzz Lightyear one. As for me, I think my fave of the ones I got is either Cinderella or Chip... although Eeyore is pretty amazing, too. Thor's base is the stuff of pure frustration; I cannot figure out how to get it to stay together. 

I was really hoping for Angel (from Lilo and Stitch: the series), or Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy, but I didn't manage to get either of them from the bags. The store did have the three packs of Marvel tsum tsums in various sizes for a buck, and I did find one that had Rocket in those.

This is another Barbie I picked up for $2.50, the Tall doll Lovely in Lilac. I initially got her for her dress, but the more I look at her face, the more I like it.

The faces on the new dolls are so nice. They look like people you might know, rather than bland representations of "female figures".

Here's something else I picked up; another Wonder Woman movie doll with arrow-shooting action! I have no idea what I'll do with her, but she was $4, so why not? I also got one of those two-way sequin tablet sleeves for a buck. I also got a DC Superhero Girls Wonder Woman that lights up and talks for $4, but she's already been wrapped up for someone's birthday. (oops)

Now here's a few things I scanned or saw, but didn't actually purchase:

Okay this makes me a little sick. I bought Princess Leia for the full $20, but her nerd brother is practically being given away for $9!?

Several of the Marvel 6" action figures such as Kitty Pryde here, and the line that came out with the Doctor Strange movie are down to $7.50.

Small pokemon plush went fast after being knocked down to $2 each!

The Madame Alexander My Life As 18" dolls ended up going for a mere $6 each, and My Little Pony: Guardians of Harmony Cheese Sandwich is just $5; astonishing for a toy that comes with a tank! If I didn't already have him, I'd be snatching him up! 

We still don't have the second run of the Cars 3 blind bags here, which is starting to get really annoying. What are they waiting on, the dvd release?!


  1. Aw, nobody likes Wobbuffet? :(

  2. And now "Guardians of Harmony Cheese Sandwich" is my favourite sentence ever.

    1. You can't go wrong with Cheese Sandwich.

  3. A varied mix for great prices!

    1. I missed out on super-cheap RC cars, just a day earlier!