Saturday, July 8, 2017

Breyer Finds

I'm sure that someone's going to have a heart attack when they see this stuff. I found a bunch of Breyer horses, riding figures, and accessories in one of my favorite discount shops today at 40% off what I'm guessing is the regular prices.

There were also some neat little action figures that I was tempted by.

And lot of farm equipment. The Breyer stuff is something I remember looking at wistfully as a little kid (my dolls mostly existed as servants for my huge herd of brushable horses), but I didn't end up purchasing any of them today. Here's a look at the loot available:

There was also a lot of horse accessories, such as these individually-packaged bridles in a variety of styles. I like how these are packaged. Very attractive. I almost bought one even though I don't have a properly-size horse!

And some blankets, pads and even a couple of dressage saddles were up for grabs. I'm not sure what a shipping set is, but I think it must be gear for taking your horse somewhere? There were also some little Breyer blind bags in both 'normal horse' and 'fluttery fantasy horse' styles that I apparently neglected to photograph.

It was a little overwhelming after you got to looking at it all. I did grab one of the crazy-looking fantasy mini-horses and the ferrier figure, though. And a random Barbie that the shop had sitting out next to all this stuff.

I had hopes that the petite Barbie stuff might fit my Pullip doll, but it look like it's just a little too big!


  1. I really wanna see someone trying to shoe a Pegasus now.

    Although they did shoe a unicorn in Discworld, that was cool.

    1. Just for you, Daryl is going to shoe that pegasus.

  2. I've never heard of the line. They have some varied products.

    1. I was impressed how much articulation the little ferrier figure has. Neck, shoulders, elbows, wrist, waist, knees and ankles! I kind of wish I'd gotten one of the girls as well now.