Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Reset is Coming!

The Clearance section at Walmart just turned into being half-full of toys! You know what that means, the annual pre-holiday Reset is coming up soon! Incidentally, I checked the car aisle, and we don't have any of the Cars blind bags at all here at Walmart. Only at Walgreens? And there's no sign of the promised wave 2 yet, there.

Anyway, last year's Monster High dolls are a strong presence on this aisle. Most are $5 or $6, with a few $7 here and there. I don't think I've ever seen so many MH dolls out on markdown at once. I did pick up an Electrified Twyla, who is actually pretty cute when redressed. I think I'll wait and see if prices go down more on the rest, though.

Another big presence on the aisle are the Wonder Woman movie dolls, which are also about half off. I'm kinda tempted by some of them, but haven't bought any yet. The movie is still showing at the local theater, so I'm pretty shocked that the entire doll inventory for the film is already marked down.

Speaking of film toys, I didn't get a photo but the figures for the Smurfs: The Lost Village movie were also out on this aisle. The two-packs of figures were $2.50 each, but I didn't notice what the larger sets were marked as.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Not bad for a day's shopping!

Thanks to you wonderful folks who clued me in on the codes for the cars 3 blind bags, I now have Lightning and Doc! Thanks to Walgreens and their current Cars 3 toys promo, I got them for the "Buy 1, Get 1 Half Off" deal! You can't beat that with a serpentine belt! Aw, they're so cute and tiny. Incidentally, I saw the movie and loved it to pieces.

I hadn't been to the local thrift store in a while, and sure enough, they had a few new things when I visited today. Ebay tells me that this is the "Barbie Pinktastic 2012 Glam Vacation House". I assumed that it was part of a bigger house, but apparently this is pretty much the whole thing, minus a few small doodads and a piece of countertop, and maybe a set of chairs. The fence seems to be from a different playset. I'll keep checking the shop in case the rest of it pops up. I found about half of a My Scene Madison's Party Pad house over the course of a few months awhile back. Maybe the rest of that will materialize, too.

In addition, I also found this decorative vanity/mirror and parts of yet ANOTHER house playset that appear to have been yanked out of whatever they started life in. All in all this Barbie stuff set me back a whopping $4. Eventually I may have enough parts to build my own Frankenstein Barbie dreamhouse. With two kitchens! And a fence!

Maybe I can just make it a duplex?

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Bought some dolls!

Minor score at the antique mall today! Got all this for $21!

I already have Mouscedes, but for $16, I couldn't say no to that multipack. Apple was $3.