Thursday, May 25, 2017

Old vs New: Marvel Legends Rocket Raccoon

Apologies for the lighting on this one, it's dark here and this place is like a cave. So here on the left we have the first Marvel Legends figure of Rocket Raccoon, released just a bit before the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie came out. I bought this guy before watching the film, just on the off chance that I liked him and couldn't find him later. I loved him and was glad I got him, as it turned out. 

On the right, we have the Marvel Legends figure from the second wave of the Legends series that corresponds to the newest film. I've been losing my mind trying to track this guy down. Our local shops didn't have him, and finally I resorted to eBay to get my sassy anthropomorphic evil genius space raccoon fix. Why?

First off, I love Rocket. Secondly, this is a much, MUCH better figure than his first one!

First up, let's talk accessories. While both figures came with a Build a Figure part (GotG 1: Groot, GotG 2: Mantis), the accessories for Rocket 2 are much more interesting. I have never completed a BAF, so I didn't bother with getting a figure that came with the BAF part this time. What am I going to do with Mantis' torso, anyway? I digress.

Anyway: ACCESSORIES! Rocket2 comes with two headsculpts. There's the open mouth, very angry RAWR! one above, and a snarly one that I prefer of the two. Both of them are a bit wall-eyed, but that's nothing a tiny dot of paint won't fix if it starts to bother me.

Rocket2 also comes with two different blasters which are much more interesting than the big giant weapon thing from the first movie that Rocket1 had, and a teeny tiny Baby Groot, whose spooky eyes look straight into your soul.

Baby Groot's figure scares me.

Here's Rocket2, showing off how he can hold his space gun. You talkin' to him? You callin' him a RACCOON? He's going to feed you lasers and spit on your grave.

That's right! Lasers! For all of you!

Okay, take a look at this. Rocket1 absolutely CAN NOT stand unassisted. His tail has a weird little "why did we bother making this a joint?" joint that swivels it around, but he can't stand unless it's positioned to hold him up. Rocket2? He *can* be persuaded with only a little bit of a challenge, to stand unsupported. His tail isn't touching the backdrop at all!

You can also kind of see the one thing that doesn't absolutely thrill me with this figure, he has a loose left wrist joint. The peg isn't hard to pop right out of there. It's easy to get it back in, but it makes me worry that I'll lose the darn thing. I think this may just be a minor flaw in this particular figure, though.

Back to the "roaring" head here because I think it's funny to show that not only can Rocket2 sit, he can be made to look like he sat on a tack.

He is not amused.

Rocket decided to take out his frustration on his predecessor, and demonstrate another facet of his superior poseability. Look at that.

I do like the face sculpt on the first Rocket figure more, but while it will go on, it doesn't fit. I just wobbles around like a bobblehead.

Sadly, the peg on the old figure is much larger. Too bad.

Here's a look at more of Rocket2's joints. As you can see, he's got neck, shoulder, elbow, wrists (rotation only), torso, hips, thighs, tail, knees, and ankles (again, rotation only). It's honestly impressive. Creepy Baby Groot, get out of my shot.

Where the old Rocket had only eight joints, the new one has a whopping seventeen! AND you can actually pose his tail and he'll stand up!

He can even (almost) do the splits! It's absolutely impressive!

It's just too bad he hasn't got a more tranquil expression. Maybe when Volume Three comes out?

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Cars 3 Mini Racers Blind Bags

While scouring the aisles of Walgreens for 40th Anniversary Star Wars figures, I found these nifty little blind bags. If I recall correctly, these bags were under $3 each. It appears that my favorite Cars character, Doc Hudson is one of the possible prizes, so I had to give it a shot.

As the package says, these are actual little die-cast cars, not the plastic that I anticipated when I first caught sight of these.

I have no idea if the code means anything. Feeling around on the package only tells me that there is a little car in there and it's heavy.

Whoops, this pic uploaded sideways! Here are the current possible prizes. The back advertises that more will be coming in the fall. And let's see who I get... 

It's Luigi!  He wouldn't have been my first, second, or even fifth choice, but he's a pretty neat little toy. His paint is well applied and his little wheels turn nicely, and let's face it that's just about all you need for a tiny car this size.

Here he is with Funko Dorbz Rocket Raccoon, who looks like he's already planning on building a hyperspace gateway out of him or something else sinister.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Dollar (General) Amber

Today I happened to find myself in a Dollar General, which was having an odd "All Yellow Star Toys 90% Off!" sale. There wasn't a lot to choose from, but I spotted this little doll and couldn't think of a good reason not to check her out for a buck.

Amber here is from Disney's Sofia the First series, which I'll admit I've only seen the first episode of. Daughter of the King, she is unimpressed with commoner Sofia being her new sister and fellow Princess at first. I understand she got better about it. 

Anyway, Amber was originally marked as $10, which I feel is amazingly optimistic for a doll who's only about five inches high and has a one-piece dress, a stapled-on crown and a single extra accessory. 

Here's the back of the box, which has a nice picture of Amber, who is apparently giving Sofia's image the side-eye. 

Speaking of side-eyes, Amber's got a remarkably Quasimodo-like set of wonky eyes going on. 

The little charm accessory has the same image of Amber as is on the back of the box. 

Out of the box, Amber is already getting no respect.

Under the dress, which is decently constructed and doesn't seem to be shedding glitter everywhere just yet, Amber has five points of articulation. Her arms swivel in their sockets, and her hips have some extra hinged rotation in them for some additional posing ability. She's oddly broad-chested.

Amber's small, so she'd make a good small child or toddler for a Barbie-size doll. 

Honestly, with the flip in her blonde hair, she reminds me of a toddler-age Charlotte leBoeuf from The Princess and the Frog. 

I think Amber's original price of $10 is rather ridiculous, but for $5 she'd be decently priced. She's well-enough made and her dress is nicely done. For $1 though, she's an amazing little doll.