Sunday, April 9, 2017

Thrifty finds

Well, the weekend's over, but I have a few finds to share. Hobby Lobby has their Spring Shop items on sale, which ended up leading me to these cute wooden lawn chairs. They're cute, but a bit roughly-made. Even with the discount, I left them behind.

Here's something kind of funny, though. Over in the clearance section, I found these wooden cutouts that bear a remarkable resemblance to a couple of Monster High characters. Here's "Clawdeen".

And here's "Cleo".

I left them behind, which also happened to what would have been the most exciting find of my college life at the thrift shop: 

Look at that huge pose figure! And it was just $5! I've got dolls who have better articulation than this guy now, though, so he got left with Scarlet O'Hara over there.

You never know what you'll find at the local flea market. Smokey the Hat here is a perfect example of that. I look stupid in hats, and I wouldn't trust a secondhand one, or I'd be $2.50 poorer but one amazing hat richer.

The only thing I did end up buying over the weekend was a doll who had these cute shoes. They remind me of the flats that Marinette on Miraculous wears. Right now, Rapunzel's rocking them.


  1. I would have said get that hat for your dad, but... flea market hat. XP

    1. I sent him a photo. Almost as good. (He'd never wear it, even without it being a flea market hat, lol)

  2. Too bad Pat Catan's is fairly local to Northeast Ohio, or at least I think so. They've had some nice Adirondack chairs.