Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Ciao, K-Mart

This is becoming a disturbing trend, where local shops are shutting down frequently. I hear Gordman's is the latest retailer to announce they were throwing in the towel. I'll grant you I don't visit them often, but I'll miss perusing the out of season offerings. 

At any rate, this post is about the loss of another local-ish mainstay, K-Mart. This particular K-Mart survived far beyond what I would have expected, making the grade (somehow) whenever the chain announced it was folding some stores. It even was rechristened as a "SuperKmart". For over ten years of its peers being shuttered, this place has (again, somehow) been bringing us the "slightly less hygienic than Walmart" experience for slightly higher prices and in a slightly more depressing atmosphere.

I blame the lighting a bit on that last one. 

At any rate, even after the Sears closed, the SuperKmart managed to keep on trucking. I honestly don't know exactly how old it was. 

I didn't snap a pic of the front of the store and the crowded feeding frenzy of vehicles outside, but clearly I should have. The contrast against the below image would be shocking.

This is where the toy department once stood, holding toy lines sometimes YEARS out of date for prices that were pretty much the same as they had been brand-new. Not pictured, to the left of me, an entire pallet of Kylo Ren Kmart exclusive The Black Series action figures. Presumably they're on ebay by now.

This was housewares and appliances. In the distance the black section of wall denotes where the electronics section once stood. The last time I was in that section during pre-closure times, "electronics" had been pretty much phased out to "a few really old games and systems, plus a tv or two and a handful of movies". Dunno if that was because this store had a particularly bad problem with shoplifting or if they're all that way.

Here's an idea of what was left of the toy section: predominantly it was blind bag toys, plus a small handful of reboot Bratz and the odd Barbie here and there. This was approximately 7 days before the store closed, and as you can see, prices never came down below 50% off on the toys.

Here's something that I thought was genius. Puppy Surprise expansion packs! Did your Puppy Surprise have only the minimum number of puppies? You can remedy that situation with MORE puppies! They've even kept the element of surprise by concealing if the package has two or three total puppies in it. 

That pink mother dog on the package art reminds me of Poochie. Does anyone remember Poochie these days?

After being amused for the final time by the Kmart "YAY! Your transaction is approved!" swiper message, I took a quick look in our Hobby Lobby, which is somehow the only store in the vicinity that's actually *expanded*. 

I didn't buy anything, but I was amused at these doll-size ping pong paddle... charms? Earrings? What ARE they?

And for the grand finale, I saw the world's wonkiest Twyla at Walmart.

I kind of love her, honestly. I wonder if she's still there?


  1. Oh my goodness, that last photo is hysterical! I remember when I saw a Cyclops like doll with her eyes completely askew at the Dollar Tree. I sure regret not getting her.

    1. I love the crazy wonky faces I've been seeing on some of these dolls. I wish I had the room to display a bunch of them.

  2. If a doll speaks to you like that it's usually wise to get her. LOL, I'm such a bad person for enabling bad habits! That's a bummer about your local Kmart; when I was a little kid those things were pretty hot. My dad used to joke that he bought me from a blue-light special there.

    1. OH man, the blue light specials! I remember how fierce those could get!

      Yeah I really wish I had the room to display a bunch of supremely wonky looking dolls. If I find her again I might have to pick her up.

  3. I HAD a Poochie when I was like 6 or 8. One of my grandmothers (I forget which) bought it for me so I would quit crying after vaccinations.

    1. I had a Poochie plush, too! I forget how I ended up with her, though.