Saturday, March 25, 2017

Blind boxes

I'm without internet anyplace but on my phone, so I decided to grab a few blind boxes at Walmart and try my luck. 

First up we have a Kitty in my Pocket pack, which attracted me primarily through the nifty carrier package. I've got no idea what the possibilities are, so whatever it is I get will be an utter surprise.

The two kitties I got are these adorable little scamps. I didn't know they would be flocked! The tabby looks a bit like Finn.

Looking at the checklist, I am a bit surprised that there's such a variety of sculpts on these. 

Next up, one of the two Animal Jamz boxes I found. 

If nothing else, I get a cool little house!

I really didn't realize how small these would be! Still, that is one funky giraffe. Nice hat there, bud.

For the finale, another Animal Jamz that is a Walmart exclusive. In a treasure chest!

It's a metallic green bunny! 

Well this was maybe $10 worth of entertainment, but I don't think I'll be doing more of them. My luck isn't that great and these things could get expensive fast!


  1. Hey, it's cool that you found one that looks like your real cat. Funny how they flocked the sphynx though.

    1. The sphinx-looking cat is just the most random thing, lol. I like his little sweater, though.

  2. A giraffe with a pink hat. It's the simple things that make life wonderful.

    1. It's amazing when you discover something random that you never knew you needed!

  3. That is the coolest giraffe on this planet.