Saturday, January 21, 2017

Ta-ta, TRU

This post is just going to be depressing. Last Monday, I made the trip to my favorite TRU for what's almost certainly the very last time. The exterior has, in my mind, never looked so sad and dingy. Across the street from a long-ago shopping mall that's since been parceled out to corporate entities, this store was the very last holdout in a strip mall that was otherwise empty. I actually had assumed it was gone for years, thinking it had closed at the same time as the lost mall; I was so excited to rediscover it a few years ago.

I loved this store, not just because its' location meant that it (and that long-gone mall) were the subjects of some of my very first "sneak off without telling anyone I'm leaving the county" shopping excursions (sorry Mom), but also because its isolation meant that it was almost never busy and I could often find things there that I couldn't at the more popular store closer to down town. Obviously this is a factor that led to its' downfall, but for a while at least, it was nearly my own private store.

It closes for good in just a few days.

The huge area that had been turned into an American Girls showcase up front was gone, along with the Claire's accessory section. The bikes and ride on toys had been pushed up front for inspection instead. I was so dazed when I was here that I honestly didn't notice the toy segways in front.

Most of the store looked like this. The atmosphere, which had been jubilant cart loads being devoured left and right on my previous visit was now much more subdued.

I did pick up another DuckTales mystery mini keychain for someone. I squashed around on the packages until I found one that I'm 80% certain can NOT be Huey.

You're welcome. ;)

The Barbie aisle was still decently stocked, and I was tempted by a few things (like that spaghetti chef playset!) for half off. I ended up only grabbing a lonely Made to Move Barbie from here, though.

The Monster High and Ever After High dolls were crammed into this section of shelves, offered for half off. Take note of Dead Tired Frankie in a Cleo box!

I did find and get a Shibajuku Girls doll who was 60% off from the other side of this aisle. Apparently I didn't get a picture of the Collectible Dolls section, but the one I got was Yoko. They also had a massive number of the Madame Alexander brand Space Pop dolls. I wanted to like them. I did. Especially at 60% off. They just didn't work for me, though. Oh well.

The Pokemon toys were eliminated down to almost nothing but 20th Anniversary Keldeo plushies. I actually had decided to make this run after talking myself into needing a 20th 'Tini for my Victini collection. I left the aisle disappointed.

The Transformers section was similarly decimated. The huge display of Funko Pop figures that had been present on my last visit was pretty much down to nothing but the orange version of Raven from Teen Titans Go! and the Suicide Squad version of the Joker. There were pretty much no action figures to speak of.

I did almost buy this Walking Dead dog tag blind bag just because they had Daryl and Carol on the package. I talked myself out of it, though.

Well, I guess the only thing left to say at this point is goodbye to my favorite Toys R Us: You were a good store who outlasted an entire shopping center and the death of the mall that was the main retail anchor of your whole area. I could head up this weekend and make one last run, but I prefer to remember you with stuff on your shelves, employees who hadn't yet developed the thousand yard 'soon to be unemployed and haven't found another job yet' store, and an atypical packed parking lot. Seeing anything less at this point would just be sadder than it has to be. I hope your sibling across the city sticks around for a while longer.


  1. I always feel like a vulture when I go to a store closing... doesn't stop me from going though. I remember when this warehouse club called Pace closed way back in the 90's and they gave people back their $25 member fee. However when you went to the store to get it they said you could have it or you could donate the $25 and it would be split amongst the staff losing their jobs. I'm probably the only douche who asked for my money but heck, I needed it too.

    Yeah, I probably wouldn't go back either.

    1. Yeah, you definitely feel like a vulture but man those deals!

      I'd probably have asked for my money too. The store employees will be getting unemployment if they don't have jobs lined up but in the meanwhile you gotta eat, ya know? (Eat, buy toys, etc.)

  2. So sad to see stores close, but I would pick up some deals if I could as well. My TRU is interesting. Still has 2015 Birthday Barbie and Statue of Liberty Barbie at full prices.

    1. This one didn't have 2015 Birthday Barbie, but they did have the landmark Barbies for the Statue of Liberty and Sydney Opera House at full price until very, very recently.