Saturday, January 7, 2017

Closing Time at TRU and K-Mart

It seems that Hastings was just the tip of the iceberg in terms of store closures. The semi-local K-Mart and less-local Toys R Us that I like to frequent are calling it quits. The TRU, interestingly, is slated to close by the end of the month! I'm really upset about the TRU in particular; this store is one of two in my favorite shopping-city, and the store that's closing is the one I have the best luck finding things at. (Probably because it's so out of the way and not frequented by the locals)

Thankfully, the roads were clear after our little bit of snow we got yesterday, and so I was able to head out on a farewell tour. I wish I'd taken pictures in the TRU, people were pushing carts loaded down with everything you can imagine. The American Girl display had been taken down, and the Claire's area was likewise removed, but the rest of the store was on sale up to 50% off!

I don't know if any of you guys remember when Nickelodeon used to have their "Super Toy Run" sweepstakes, where a lucky kid would get cut loose in a Toys R Us (later Kay Bee) store to grab as much as they could for free in a few minutes, but minus the countdown clock, that's very much what this was like.

I'd like to take a moment to apologize in advance for the terrible quality of the photos in this post. I have shamed the blogosphere with these and I am sorry.

Anyway, here's my (rather reserved in comparison) haul from TRU:
Peeta ended up costing less than $14, thanks to all Barbies being 30% off! Edward Nigma was half off, and I think Scarlet was similarly-priced. The four Disney DuckTales blind bag keychains were 40% off.

Yes, that's right. I grabbed FOUR packages and got THREE of the same freaking duck. Huey, you're now my least-favorite nephew. At least I got what I wanted most, which was Darkwing Duck!

Eddie here is going to a new home, so I won't unbox him. He looks nice, though.

I've wanted one of these Star Darlings for awhile, thanks to their interesting inset eyes, but refused to pay full price for one. Scarlet wasn't any cheaper than she'd have been off of Amazon, but at least I got to pick the one I wanted.

Her eyes are just gorgeous. The deep color of her hair is interesting, too. I think I'll try putting her on a Made to Move Barbie at some point in the future.

Louise can't keep Scarlet's skirt or belt on, so instead she's trying out the skirt from one of my K-Mart purchases.

K-Mart had all toys 25% off, and Clearance toys an additional 60% off. I was originally hoping that Flash Sentry back there could be modified into an Equestria Girls version of my favorite pony character, Cheese Sandwich. Sadly, his hair is not making it look like that's going to happen. That stuff's molded on/glued on there but GOOD.

Here's Instapets Jade free from her box. I've already ruined one of her giant earrings, thanks to the odd design and the fact that her ear holes were already nearly closed up.

My favorite thing? This adorable cat phone case that cleverly functions as a hand grip for the doll!

Here's the phone and case on their own.

And put together.

I really like this doll's faceup, minus the GIANT GARISH PINK LIPS. Her expression is so sweet and peaceful.

Here we have Jade's pet, a purple bobblehead cat who sits weird. It's cute, but pretty cheaply made.

Jade's arms are actually articulated, but the soft vinyl feels like it might not stand up to rough play. Notice that THIS doll's boots are not, in fact, larger than her head. This is a stylistic choice that I think the entire Bratz reboot would have benefited from. (Seriously, some of those shoes were HUGE!)

Louise can't wear the peg shoes, earrings, sunglasses or the headband, but the rest of the outfit is treat on her.

I'm going to skip Flash Sentry's outfit failing to work for Rudoph, my Isul, for the moment. (Spoiler: pants will not close!), and show you something I got from another favorite store of mine which thankfully is NOT planning to close soon. I found no Pullip family dolls on my visit to Tuesday Morning today, but I did run into a bunch of these little (dog?) dolls.

I thought this one, in his fox hat, was pretty darn cute!

Tune in next time, when Rudolph tries on pony clothes, Peeta makes it out of his box (maybe!), and I give up on using a camera that takes potato pictures!


  1. LOL, at "potato pictures." I remember when our Kmarts closed and their clearance prices were STILL higher than Walmart's regular prices. No wonder their business model failed.

    You got some great stuff!

    1. Yeah, sadly enough the 25% markdown just about made the regular prices just barely better than Walmart!

  2. EDDIE!!!

    And Louise's finally got a peice of clothing with ears on it!!

    1. That Moxie Girlz dress that her pink Docs came with had a pair of bunny ears on it, lol!

  3. I have that Scarlet doll too. Something about her face, inset eyes, and outfit just really appeals to me.

    The nearest TRU to me is probably not closing soon, but before Christmas, it was a pretty gloomy place. They're trying to perk it up with fresh displays, and a giant American Girl section near the front of the store. I like American Girl dolls okay, but I hope somebody comes out with another popular doll line soon.

    1. I like the Wishworld versions of the Star Darlings a bit better anyway, just because they don't have that weird shiny finish to their skin, but Scarlet is just oddly punk-adorable. XD

      Yeah, the stores closest to me have had those big American Girl display areas, along with about half a Claire's boutique stuck in them. I can't help but think that AG dolls have got to be on the falling side of the trend-wagon, but if TRU gets money for having them in there, I'm all for it. The old toy stores of our childhoods need all the help they can get, you know? Personally, I am not a fan of AG, they all look "samey" to me.

    2. You reminded me that our local Claire's closed several months back. It's very depressing having all these stores closed.

      AG just got a bunch of positive time in the news for the 2017 doll of the year, and the Wellie Wishers. Both Mattel and TRU seem to want to ride the AG wagon as long as possible, at least until they get another hit.

    3. Oh wow, ours is (as far as I know) still going strong, but the "tween accessory shops) seem to be drying up a bit, too. The closest mall to me is absolutely depressing to walk through. All those empty shopfronts! They don't even have a Foot Locker anymore!