Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Christmas Pajamas for Amaya!

I actually forgot to post this until just now! I still haven't managed to make Amaya her PJ Masks costume yet, but I did get one new article of clothing for her back in December: an owl-themed nightgown!

This is the second time for me to try and make an article of clothing out of socks, so go easy on me for my sleeve placement up there. I came up with those bunny slippers from my clothing bin and thought that they'd be cute to go with the nightgown, even if they're not owl-themed.

And here's Amaya in her cozy new pajamas! The slippers fit great, and I even found a perfect backpack for her to take on overnight trips, which I filled up with a doll-size brush, toothpaste and toothbrush, a plastic figurine as a toy, a hair dryer, and a few other small necessities.

Kiddo was thrilled!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Ta-ta, TRU

This post is just going to be depressing. Last Monday, I made the trip to my favorite TRU for what's almost certainly the very last time. The exterior has, in my mind, never looked so sad and dingy. Across the street from a long-ago shopping mall that's since been parceled out to corporate entities, this store was the very last holdout in a strip mall that was otherwise empty. I actually had assumed it was gone for years, thinking it had closed at the same time as the lost mall; I was so excited to rediscover it a few years ago.

I loved this store, not just because its' location meant that it (and that long-gone mall) were the subjects of some of my very first "sneak off without telling anyone I'm leaving the county" shopping excursions (sorry Mom), but also because its isolation meant that it was almost never busy and I could often find things there that I couldn't at the more popular store closer to down town. Obviously this is a factor that led to its' downfall, but for a while at least, it was nearly my own private store.

It closes for good in just a few days.

The huge area that had been turned into an American Girls showcase up front was gone, along with the Claire's accessory section. The bikes and ride on toys had been pushed up front for inspection instead. I was so dazed when I was here that I honestly didn't notice the toy segways in front.

Most of the store looked like this. The atmosphere, which had been jubilant cart loads being devoured left and right on my previous visit was now much more subdued.

I did pick up another DuckTales mystery mini keychain for someone. I squashed around on the packages until I found one that I'm 80% certain can NOT be Huey.

You're welcome. ;)

The Barbie aisle was still decently stocked, and I was tempted by a few things (like that spaghetti chef playset!) for half off. I ended up only grabbing a lonely Made to Move Barbie from here, though.

The Monster High and Ever After High dolls were crammed into this section of shelves, offered for half off. Take note of Dead Tired Frankie in a Cleo box!

I did find and get a Shibajuku Girls doll who was 60% off from the other side of this aisle. Apparently I didn't get a picture of the Collectible Dolls section, but the one I got was Yoko. They also had a massive number of the Madame Alexander brand Space Pop dolls. I wanted to like them. I did. Especially at 60% off. They just didn't work for me, though. Oh well.

The Pokemon toys were eliminated down to almost nothing but 20th Anniversary Keldeo plushies. I actually had decided to make this run after talking myself into needing a 20th 'Tini for my Victini collection. I left the aisle disappointed.

The Transformers section was similarly decimated. The huge display of Funko Pop figures that had been present on my last visit was pretty much down to nothing but the orange version of Raven from Teen Titans Go! and the Suicide Squad version of the Joker. There were pretty much no action figures to speak of.

I did almost buy this Walking Dead dog tag blind bag just because they had Daryl and Carol on the package. I talked myself out of it, though.

Well, I guess the only thing left to say at this point is goodbye to my favorite Toys R Us: You were a good store who outlasted an entire shopping center and the death of the mall that was the main retail anchor of your whole area. I could head up this weekend and make one last run, but I prefer to remember you with stuff on your shelves, employees who hadn't yet developed the thousand yard 'soon to be unemployed and haven't found another job yet' store, and an atypical packed parking lot. Seeing anything less at this point would just be sadder than it has to be. I hope your sibling across the city sticks around for a while longer.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Sparkle update

New cheap outfits! Kind of a mixed bag, though.

Behold! The world's tiniest blouse!

No hems on some skirts, though?!

Some of these are cute. 

Yay graphic tees and athletic wear!

What?! One sided print on that bottom dress?! Don't start that!!

Tiny, tiny mini dolls! 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Clearance at Walmart

The post-holiday clearance is on at Walmart, and there are quite a few surprisingly old things popping up from the uncharted depts of the back room. Here are just a few of the doll offerings being displayed.

There were a couple of other "The Barbie Look" dolls, I think from the same Red Carpet line. 2015 Birthday Wishes Barbie is available in abundance, as is Ballet Wishes Barbie. Barbie does a lot of wishing. These dolls are probably wishing someone would take them home.

I'm not sure how long ago this Life in the Dreamhouse playset is from, but I'm going to guess 2015 on it, too. Does anyone else wonder if Babs puts her name and likeness all over everything because she suffers from short-term memory loss like Dory and constantly needs to be reminded of who she is?

This Ken set is actually only $13.00, which is a real bargain for three outfits and pairs of shoes. If I just had a need for them... Barbie barging into the "changing room" setting on this set has always bothered me. For one thing, it's kinda rude. For another, it looks like she doesn't trust him to dress himself. And yet, she's insisting on the touristy outfit? Barbie, you're supposed to be a model, darn it!

Check it out! The same Inner Monster fashion packs you can get for a buck at Dollar Tree! Now just $7.97! They also had the "sweet" themed one.

Poor Sadness apparently wasn't hugely popular with kids, I guess. The sitting doll is making the same face that I make when I lose *my* glasses.

I'm really astonished that these Girl Scout plush dolls are still here, let alone just $2.00! Secret Door Barbie's friend looks baffled by it, too. I did pick up one of those Movie Director Barbies (again, 2015) since she was just $5. I like her outfit (even with the pink), and her face is very pleasant.

Disney's live action Cinderella dolls were also available. You could choose from "For Some Reason Her Theme is Butterflies" Cindy, Wedding Cindy, Lady Tremaine and the Fairy Godmother, just $25.00 each.
I do like how the Fairy Godmother's hairstyle reminds me of Charlotte from Princess and the Frog, but none of these dolls are all my "must have" list. Not yet, at least. We'll see how long they last and how low the prices go.

The Prettie Girls Tween Scene dolls are also on sale for just $11 each. I'm thinking of grabbing a couple of them just because, if they get any cheaper.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Test post

Test post! Louise is excited to try out her new sled (a Dillard's Christmas tree ornament), and I'm hoping some nicer photos come from this phone!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Closing Time at TRU and K-Mart

It seems that Hastings was just the tip of the iceberg in terms of store closures. The semi-local K-Mart and less-local Toys R Us that I like to frequent are calling it quits. The TRU, interestingly, is slated to close by the end of the month! I'm really upset about the TRU in particular; this store is one of two in my favorite shopping-city, and the store that's closing is the one I have the best luck finding things at. (Probably because it's so out of the way and not frequented by the locals)

Thankfully, the roads were clear after our little bit of snow we got yesterday, and so I was able to head out on a farewell tour. I wish I'd taken pictures in the TRU, people were pushing carts loaded down with everything you can imagine. The American Girl display had been taken down, and the Claire's area was likewise removed, but the rest of the store was on sale up to 50% off!

I don't know if any of you guys remember when Nickelodeon used to have their "Super Toy Run" sweepstakes, where a lucky kid would get cut loose in a Toys R Us (later Kay Bee) store to grab as much as they could for free in a few minutes, but minus the countdown clock, that's very much what this was like.

I'd like to take a moment to apologize in advance for the terrible quality of the photos in this post. I have shamed the blogosphere with these and I am sorry.

Anyway, here's my (rather reserved in comparison) haul from TRU:
Peeta ended up costing less than $14, thanks to all Barbies being 30% off! Edward Nigma was half off, and I think Scarlet was similarly-priced. The four Disney DuckTales blind bag keychains were 40% off.

Yes, that's right. I grabbed FOUR packages and got THREE of the same freaking duck. Huey, you're now my least-favorite nephew. At least I got what I wanted most, which was Darkwing Duck!

Eddie here is going to a new home, so I won't unbox him. He looks nice, though.

I've wanted one of these Star Darlings for awhile, thanks to their interesting inset eyes, but refused to pay full price for one. Scarlet wasn't any cheaper than she'd have been off of Amazon, but at least I got to pick the one I wanted.

Her eyes are just gorgeous. The deep color of her hair is interesting, too. I think I'll try putting her on a Made to Move Barbie at some point in the future.

Louise can't keep Scarlet's skirt or belt on, so instead she's trying out the skirt from one of my K-Mart purchases.

K-Mart had all toys 25% off, and Clearance toys an additional 60% off. I was originally hoping that Flash Sentry back there could be modified into an Equestria Girls version of my favorite pony character, Cheese Sandwich. Sadly, his hair is not making it look like that's going to happen. That stuff's molded on/glued on there but GOOD.

Here's Instapets Jade free from her box. I've already ruined one of her giant earrings, thanks to the odd design and the fact that her ear holes were already nearly closed up.

My favorite thing? This adorable cat phone case that cleverly functions as a hand grip for the doll!

Here's the phone and case on their own.

And put together.

I really like this doll's faceup, minus the GIANT GARISH PINK LIPS. Her expression is so sweet and peaceful.

Here we have Jade's pet, a purple bobblehead cat who sits weird. It's cute, but pretty cheaply made.

Jade's arms are actually articulated, but the soft vinyl feels like it might not stand up to rough play. Notice that THIS doll's boots are not, in fact, larger than her head. This is a stylistic choice that I think the entire Bratz reboot would have benefited from. (Seriously, some of those shoes were HUGE!)

Louise can't wear the peg shoes, earrings, sunglasses or the headband, but the rest of the outfit is treat on her.

I'm going to skip Flash Sentry's outfit failing to work for Rudoph, my Isul, for the moment. (Spoiler: pants will not close!), and show you something I got from another favorite store of mine which thankfully is NOT planning to close soon. I found no Pullip family dolls on my visit to Tuesday Morning today, but I did run into a bunch of these little (dog?) dolls.

I thought this one, in his fox hat, was pretty darn cute!

Tune in next time, when Rudolph tries on pony clothes, Peeta makes it out of his box (maybe!), and I give up on using a camera that takes potato pictures!