Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Sailor Jupiter!

I like to hit the local flea market every so often. There's an old guy who has lots of dolls (usually dressed and with shoes!), the odd collectable, and other interesting odds and ends that I like to check in with. $3 each or two for $5 is a heck of a deal! This past weekend, I found an Irwin 11.5" Sailor Jupiter!

Her outfit was a mess, and missing several pieces (like the tiara and shoes) when I picked her up, but while she's been waiting for her gloves and fuku to take a trip in the washing machine, here's how she's been redressed:

I was surprised to see that her earrings were both still attached, but it gave me an idea for a redress of Jupiter with this dress and hose that I got from a bag of Barbie clothes at my favorite thrift store. She looks very matchy. The boots belong to BYBY Luna Mothews threepack doll.

Jupiter didn't look quite this nice when I picked her up. Her hair and face was covered in something... sticky. She's missing her tiara, ponytail holder, and her boots; and her costume was a bit stained (as are her legs). A round in the washing machine with some stain remover has taken almost all of the gunk off her costume and gloves, and a quick wash has her hair and face almost perfect again.I haven't cut her hair, by the way. I just thought sweeping it aside made for a dramatic photo.

It's pretty cool to have my favorite Sailor Soldier in my collection, especially for $3! I'll probably be keeping the black panty hose on her while she's on this body, though. Those weird green marks on her legs won't come off and they're disguised decently by the legwear. At some point I'd like to rebody her, but I don't currently have any dolls similar enough in skintone. It'd be nice to redo her faceup a little, too. The combination of the round, sort of childlike face and the adult woman body is a bit weird. For that matter, so are the holes in her head, but one issue at a time.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Ember takes a trip

Welp, so far it seems that I'm not going to be able to upload pics directly into the blog using my phone at all. If a workaround pops up, somebody let me know, because I'm not having any luck so far.

So, here I am on the desktop like some kind of animal.

One that lives in a tree, perhaps?
But here are a few photos of Ember, taken at a historical site I visited this weekend. Yay!

Wagh! Wardrobe not suitable for exploration!
Things were pretty rough for this little dress, so the decision was made: time for a wardrobe change!

This post endorsed by the National Pants Council. Pants: They save your legs.

PANTS TO THE RESCUE! Everything's better with pants!

Lots of flowers were still in bloom, too!
Exploring the garden got a whole lot easier after that! Ember was annoyed that a little girl who spotted her thought she was "creepy", though. You're touring a haunted house and you're worried about guest-dolls? Worry about that porcelain nightmare upstairs, kid!

Hey! Hey, gimmie a ten! This pig says he has something I need!

The gift shop folks seemed a bit bemused that I set up Ember next to their map-pig, but went along with it. I don't know why, but this picture really amuses me.


Well the Blogger app apparently doesn’t work with the newest iOS update! Looks like I need to figure out a new way to post from my phone!

Test for link to image.

Looks like posting images is going to take some brainstorming.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Finders Keepers: Star Wars Eggs

Awhile back I posted about some Kinder Egg-style chocolate and toy surprise eggs I found at Hastings. Those got around the US ban on non-food items inside of food items by having the chocolate egg be two separate pieces that did not fully encapsulate the plastic holding the toy. This particular version from Finders Keepers does things a little different. I've had one of these before, but I don't think I posted about it.

Wander is excited to see what we get.

On the back, we see our possibilities for this wave are BB-8, Kylo Ren, Captain Phasma, Rey, Chewie, and Poe. I hope I get BB-8 or Phasma! Hm, there's really no disappointing possibilities in the assortment, though!

These surprise eggs get around that "no inedibles inside of edibles" rule by having the toy capsule separate from the chocolate egg. The egg is still hollow, instead of solid chocolate.

Wander's getting impatient here, so let's see what we get!

And it's Rebel pilot Poe Dameron! the paint's a little sloppy in places on his head, but it's not a bad little bust. Should look nice next to the tiny stormtrooper one I have from a previous wave of these things. Hm. Maybe I should do a Star Wars-themed study backdrop for my photo setting series?

In other news, some more dolls came home with me from the thrift store! Disney Store Frozen Fever Anna, a random Barbie who's stolen her clothes, some shiny ribbon/trim, and a really dirty Rapunzel who I think must be one of the JC Penney ones. I wonder what I can do with her....?

Friday, September 29, 2017

Big Surprise (Updated)

I got this email today from Toys R Us. I had to look at the site to check this thing out. At $70 retail, that is a lot of L.O.L.!

Edit: I've seen two videos of these things being opened now, and they both had all the exact same stuff in them. See an unboxing video for this monster of packaging here: Tada. 

Thursday, September 21, 2017

$2 of Miniatures

Today ended up with me scoring a regular haul of someone's handmade miniatures at the thrift store! 

First up: Lots of dried flowers in bead vases.

Next: lots (and I do mean lots) of plungers.

Next: Candle holders and a few candles.

Typewriters, pre-loaded with paper.

Barber shop signs and some little skateboards.

One of several... mops? Maybe? Some bolts of fabric with scissor and little buttons, and place settings that have dollhouse sized spoons with Barbie-sized everything else.

Clocks and bird houses. I like how only two of the clocks have the same face.

Perfume bottles, a photo album, a flower, frogs, a bird in nest, and what's either pencils or paintbrushes in a cup.

A plethora of pups! Also one of many brooms.

So many brooms. And a bunch of packaged yo-yos!

I put a few of these out in the Walking Dead dollhouse that still needs to be repainted. Spot the clock and photo album in this pic! There's also a gardening magnet I got on my last trip to K-Mart before it closed. It had gardening stuff on it and it was around $.07, so it was a bargain.

The cookie jar and bird's nest are in the kitchen, along with a random lamb I found on a prior trip.

A typewriter, broom and some dried flowers are in the second floor... whatever this room is, along with the anvil from the ferrier doll set and a screen door ornament that is sadly too small to work as a door on the house.

In the bedroom, I've added the paintbrushes and a tissue box I found after I took the rest of the photos.

So that's everything I've place so far. Uh... Anyone need some miniatures? (SO MANY!)

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Hera Posts are BACK!

Hey everybody! The posts about my custom Hera Syndulla doll have photos again! Thanks!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Custom Background Testing 1.. 2.. 3...

So I had an idea awhile back to use with my cardboard house backdrop. I'm still working out the logistics, but here's a preview of the work I've done so far:

Eileen's trying out the Ferrier's outfit from that Breyer doll, still. I think she likes having some roomy jeans. The pond background is from a landscapes calendar I found at Dollar Tree.

As a proof of concept, I think this is pretty solid! The leaves make it more realistic, I think.

Our  little fox friend has found a cozy corner to snuggle up in for a lazy Sunday afternoon nap.

Here's how it works: The background is on a posterboard trifold, which is made to fit exactly inside my cardboard set. Here's it's freestanding, which is another option, but when photo/play time is done, the backdrop will fold up and store inside the cardboard box. This way I'll maximize the useage of the single box, while making as many scenes as I want and I'll be able to store a ton of them together in the box to keep them in good condition.

Wander's a fan of this process so far, even if it ends up making a mess of the kitchen table! What do you think?

Thursday, August 31, 2017

JC Penney's Disney Dolls

JC Penney's is struggling these days, as are many of the old school department stores. One way that they're apparently trying to stave off extinction is with what amounts to a mini-Disney Store in some locations. As you can guess by the photo, I've finally run across one! There were a lot of toys and clothes on offer, but here are just a few that especially caught my eye.

The toddler dolls are in an odd middle ground between the standard ones you see in Walmart and the deluxe Disney Store ones in quality. The copious glittery clothing is a little off-putting for my tastes.

Wardrobe dolls are something I never realized I needed in my life, though! Once again the quality is in that weird middle ground with barely-articulated bodies but those great Disney Store face sculpts, but three outfits?! Yes, please!

Elsa pack, where were you when I needed you a couple of years ago?

Rapunzel's pack is nicely presented, with a simple version of her wedding dress included.

Belle's has her Winter dress and cloak, which is an outfit that I don't recall seeing much merch of.

I'll be honest, I almost bought this Ariel pack. They came so close to perfect with that peasant dress, but so far.

If you wanna build a snowman, this gift set of Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff and an oddly tiny Sven may be just what you're looking for. I like how Elsa's staring down at Olaf, like she's wondering how in the heck he's hovering in place like that.

Anti-gravity powers. Olaf has 'em.

That's not to say that the offering were only Disney dolls or indeed only toys, there were also lots of clothes, and a big section of Cars 3 merchandise that sadly didn't include the blind bags or anything else that we haven't seen in just about every store since the film came out. One unique and non-Disney item, though, was this classic 1980's-styled Strawberry Shortcake plush. I don't think I had one of these, but wow did the nostalgia kick in when I saw them!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Musician Barbie

So as previously mentioned, I cashed in my Walmart app Savings Catcher money and snared this Barbie musician set for about $1 and some change. Let's see what I got for that dollar!

Here's everything, still attached to the box backing.

What I was most interested in in this set was the keyboard. Here's a closer look. The keys are actually sculpted on, which is a detail that I'll admit I wasn't expecting. Whoever applied the sticker to this one didn't do such a great job, though. It's a little crooked.

We've also got some sheet music printed on a piece of cardboard, along with a sticker of more sheet music on the stand. An elaborate microphone setup and a bottle of water are included.

The doll is your standard faced Barbie, who has articulation like the old Fashionistas lines. In other words, jointed at the neck, shoulder, wrist, elbows, hip and knees.

The doll also comes with a pink plastic guitar, which is hollow on the back side. The transparent pink strap, I didn't even notice when the guitar was still attached to the doll.

The doll's outfit is a grey short sleeved tee and a distressed polka-dot denim pencil skirt. A single bangle bracelet is on one wrist.

I was hoping that the shoes would be flat, but sadly they're for heeled feet. Look at them though, they're so cool-looking! I'd wear these shoes.

Since it's been awhile since Danai got a new outfit, I tried it on her for size. I kind of feel like it's not quite colorful enough for her, though!

Let's see how things look with a doll set up at the desk and the flash setting way too high on the camera. Sorry, I haven't had any luck getting the music stand to snap into place yet.

It's actually a decently-convincing piece of furniture from the side. It sits at a good height for the doll. Additionally, the bench seat is hollow, so you can store your sheet music or small accessories inside.

The one let down I can complain about is the top of the table. Stickers are just not my cup of tea on this sort of thing, but I guess at least that wood print is halfway convincing. (It actually makes the rest of the table look a bit shoddy. Maybe a repaint would spiff it up?