Saturday, December 30, 2017

The box that became a Star Wars room! Almost.

I really like the boxes the Forces of Destiny dolls come in. They're an interesting shape. They're weirdly engaging. Specifically, I really like the box that Endor Leia comes in.

Recycled picture. Whoops.
Look at the shape of it, the way the art wraps in from the sides. It reminds me a little of the box Buzz Lightyear came in, way back in 1996 or so. Anyway, I was trying to think of something to do with this box. I mean, it seemed such a shame to toss it in the trash and be done with it.

Ingredient #1: DUCT TAPE!
So then I got to thinking: what if it was a window? Originally I thought about it being a control console for a spaceship, and then I thought about it being just a large window for a bedroom. Special thanks for the new cutting board and cutter set to my best friend, who positively spoiled me this birthdaymas!

For now, I've got the box glued in place and the main wall taped to it. The secondary wall is attached with toothpicks along the seams. I might still add a door or something to it. Not sure yet, actually.

The representative from the planet Sanrio dropped by to say hi.
It's be enough to frame up important meetings between characters, so it could be either one! Going to have to put up some paper to block out the cardboard and the Leia/Wicket silhouettes, though.

 That ceiling's a little low for Pullip dolls, though. Sorry, Kohl.

"Am I in the Langoliers or something? There should be SPACE out there."

Going to have to do a little cleanup in there, as well. Got some loose plastic hanging around.

Surprising amount of fast food premiums in this picture. Thanks McD's and BK!
The window makes a neat little alcove for a bed to sit in, too. Just turn on your bedside lamp and stargaze until you fall asleep! You know... if there were stars instead of a blank void.

Rudolph's never getting his bed back. Sorry, guy.
Wampa plush pillows are the only Wampas you'll ever want to be this close to.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Yet More Christmas Haul!

After looking, and looking, and looking, I finally found the single-item Sanrio Barbie fashion items!

But first, let's talk STAR WARS! Specifically, the Forces of Destiny dolls!

I'm fairly sure the "our cameras are watching you" security tags are because of creeper me lurking the toy aisle all the time.
They're on clearance. And Endor Leia is just $17, somehow cheaper than the action-doll and droid sets. They clock in at $19. Wicket, I love your badass murder teddybear self, but I would swap you in a heartbeat for either of those droids.

 The "slimbox" dolls are just $9. Incidentally, check the prices on the new Barbie Fashionistas, some of them are ringing up for $5!

 I've wanted Endor Leia since I saw the first promo pics of her, so I snapped her up. And a few other things. Chococat and My Melody shirts: GET! Skipper Babysitter boy: GET! Punky Roses Barbie Fashion pack: GET!

Confession: I only got the fashion pack for the rose shirt. The dress is a mostly shapeless sack and the asymmetrical red skirt doesn't do much for me. The "leather" jacket is kinda neat, but the 3/4 sleeves are kinda dumb. I've got an idea for recycling Leia's box into a backdrop. While I was waiting on some glue to dry... this happened:

Here's a fun fact for you: Leia can wear curvy Barbie dresses with a little cinching. Looks better on her than on ANY of my other dolls. I love redressing my dolls, and honestly I'm getting a kick out of Leia the grunge punk rock princess. Oh, if the royal court of Alderaan could see her now.

Speaking of seeing things, here are a couple of interesting items I spotted on my last trip to Toys R Us:

Tiny, TINY styling heads! These could be awesome styling heads for your dolls. Because even our toys like to have toys!

Mysticons action figures. I think I saw a commercial for this on YouTube. I'm not really sure what it's about, but I like the character designs. Plus the name 'Mysticons' sounds like Decepticons that turn into mythical creatures and that's an amazing idea that makes me smile. Really though, check out the likeness between doll and artwork on these. It's fantastic.

Here's a few of the smaller Mysticons toys. I was a little surprised that there were no straight-up dolls for this line. They kind of remind me of the old 80s She-Ra characters, how about you?

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Early Christmas Haul!

Got my birthday/Christmas early from my best friend, and among other things, she snared me a TON of the Sanrio Barbie fashions I've been pining over!

Cyanne and Rapunzel are already living it up. It's a bit of a let-down that the Chococat dress and the My Melody Skirt are one-sided, but everything is cute as it can be!

I mean, it IS Sanrio, after all!

Wander wants in on this cute-kitty action!

Kohl, meanwhile, is lazing around in the cute dress and boots she got. I found some of the babysitter Skipper dolls today and picked one up for just $4.50! The doll itself was pretty cute, so I'll be hanging onto her for a while. In the meanwhile, everyone is looking pretty festive!

It's just too bad the little bit of snow we had this morning is already gone. Louise has a brand new sweater that she's dying to show off. Instead of a cute weather photo, it's a dark indoor shot with a photobomber in it. Better luck next time, Louise. There's still time for a photo opportunity before Christmas!

Best wishes for your holiday hauls!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Marked-down Target Haul!

Found a bunch of Target merch at a resale shop today! Everything from Our Generation dolls to board games and even some Star Wars stuff. I could have spent a lot, but I managed to keep it under control. I did treat myself as well as a couple of others. Here’s my haul, minus a few gifts I can't post because SOMEBODY will see:

Prices on packaging are not the final prices after discounts.

This gorgeous blue-haired Barbie has been on my wishlist since she was announced. She was $6. I also got Jyn Erso, who ended up being barely over $1! The two Worlds Smallest blind boxes that I kept for myself yielded a small Pez dispenser and a tiny Hot Wheels car for just $3.50 each. That third one is going to a new home in a week or so.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Favorite Thrift Store Finds

I've found some pretty cool stuff at my favorite thrift shop lately. Here's a couple that you guys might find cool.

This writing desk and a brass bed aren't staying in Rudolph's room, but it makes a pretty good stage for them! I'm going to have to fix the bed frame, since the headboard isn't attached anymore. I think that the bed was probably meant for a Ginny-size doll, due to the size.

I'm absolutely in love with the writing desk. It's even constructed like a real desk! It's got tiny hinges to open up and store things inside. I'm hoping that a matching chair of some sort surfaces to go with it. More on these items when I get them fixed/matched up.

I did not buy these ginormous baby dolls, but I had to get a photo of the impressive scale of them. That's a *very* large rubbermaid tub.

Just one more example of something I didn't buy: three gallons of corks for just $1 each. Someone's Pinterest exploded after finding them, I'm certain.

The sight of this bunker/house thing caught me off-guard, and as you can tell by the tablecloth, I brought it home with me. The box was half-gone and some accessories were obviously gone, but it was amazing looking. This is really the sort of thing I'd thought of getting originally for displaying my Walking Dead action figures in before hitting upon the idea of using my old doll house.

Dale's our volunteer for scale, and as you can see, the structure is just a bit underscale.

Although, it's not quite as noticeable on the inside. It just makes the room look bigger!

Some digging around on Google reveals that the missing items are a table, battle map, some action figures and vehicles. Looks like this is the command base from the World Peacekeepers line up.

Looks like one of the action figures is still hanging on back there in the corner of the box! The sandbags, barbed wire and such should come in handy. Plus now the dollhouse bunch can have some neighbors! Neighbors who live in a bunker! And have a huge freaking machine gun. Honestly, in the zombie apocalypse, those may be the best kind of neighbors to have.

Finn is pretty psyched about helping out with this project. He's fairly sure that he's going to get to live in here somehow. Dream on, Finny.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Catch-Up Post

Since it's not quite so quick and easy to post anymore (I miss you, Blogger app!), I keep procrastinating on posting some of the nifty finds I've been seeing and picking up. So here's a catch-up post with a few things that have caught my eye. Missing from this are some cool items I've gotten at the local thrift, which are going to merit their own in-depth post. (I'll give you a hint: furniture!)

But here's what I've been finding elsewhere.

The Madame Alexander My Life As dolls at Walmart now have a bunch of extras!

There are multi-outfit fashion packs:

More fashions and some small kitchen accessories:

And horses:

(Those are some pretty decent-looking horses for $10!)

And a nice little table and chairs set:

One more from Walmart, this selection of summer fairy garden/dollhouse scale outdoor stuff:

I need an outside for the Walking Dead dollhouse first, though!

And this just disturbed me; Sparkle Girlz dolls with molded-on tops? Don't start down that dark road, Sparkle Girlz!

And here's the first new Monster High thing I've seen in person in a dog's age, the school bus playset.

I guess it is a pretty neat playset, but I wish there was a little more to it.

At Hobby Lobby, the only craft store in a reasonable driving distance (sadly), I found these nifty dollhouse-scale bathtub soap dishes:

At Toys R Us (which is sadly NOT in a reasonable driving distance), I found some classic Nickelodeon character toys, including this Hey Arnold bobblehead:

I can't decide if those headphones amuse or horrify me.
And some Dragonball Super figures, like Lord Beerus here:

Looks like they're taking a page out of Marvel's book and doing the "build a figure" piece thing. This is a pretty good looking figure, I gotta say. Not quite up there at the level of your Figmas or SH Figuarts figures, but he's got a decent-looking sculpt and articulation from what I can tell, and even an extra set of hands. Remember when we took stuff like that for granted on $20 Star Wars The Black Series figures?

On my last Target visit I found some really cool playsets for the full size Our Generation dolls:

This is supposed to be for the 18" dolls, but I think that it would be almost perfect for Barbie and co. I mean a few pieces like that microscope are a bit big, but look at that selection of stuff!

There was also a gardening set:

Just look at this! A raised bed flower garden! A wheelbarrow! Garden tools! Mini veggies! The Our Generation stuff is really knocking it out of the park!

I also visited an antique mall and a flea market. This purple-eyed doll caught my attention, but I didn't get her. She's got a lot of stains and a wonky right arm, but those inset eyes are pretty spectacular. Anyone have a clue what she's from?

I thought this old Easy-Bake oven was pretty cool, too. It looks like a little kitchen playset!

On more of a "real people and not toys" note, I spotted this cool "outdoor light" at an antique mall as was pretty smitten.

I mean, how awesome IS that thing?
And I just need to show this thing. Look at this spinning wheel!

 I guess it's for holding knitting supplies or something, and it's a little too big to be a 1/6 prop, but it's super-cool! I wish I had a use for it.

At Big Lots I found a big set of Littlest Pet Shop figures that was unremarkable except for one thing:

If you didn't know this about me previously, you do now. I love red pandas. I talked myself out of buying a whole zoo worth of LPS figures just for this one (ADORABLE) little guy and his fuzzy, floofy tail.

I am filled with regret.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Sailor Jupiter!

I like to hit the local flea market every so often. There's an old guy who has lots of dolls (usually dressed and with shoes!), the odd collectable, and other interesting odds and ends that I like to check in with. $3 each or two for $5 is a heck of a deal! This past weekend, I found an Irwin 11.5" Sailor Jupiter!

Her outfit was a mess, and missing several pieces (like the tiara and shoes) when I picked her up, but while she's been waiting for her gloves and fuku to take a trip in the washing machine, here's how she's been redressed:

I was surprised to see that her earrings were both still attached, but it gave me an idea for a redress of Jupiter with this dress and hose that I got from a bag of Barbie clothes at my favorite thrift store. She looks very matchy. The boots belong to BYBY Luna Mothews threepack doll.

Jupiter didn't look quite this nice when I picked her up. Her hair and face was covered in something... sticky. She's missing her tiara, ponytail holder, and her boots; and her costume was a bit stained (as are her legs). A round in the washing machine with some stain remover has taken almost all of the gunk off her costume and gloves, and a quick wash has her hair and face almost perfect again.I haven't cut her hair, by the way. I just thought sweeping it aside made for a dramatic photo.

It's pretty cool to have my favorite Sailor Soldier in my collection, especially for $3! I'll probably be keeping the black panty hose on her while she's on this body, though. Those weird green marks on her legs won't come off and they're disguised decently by the legwear. At some point I'd like to rebody her, but I don't currently have any dolls similar enough in skintone. It'd be nice to redo her faceup a little, too. The combination of the round, sort of childlike face and the adult woman body is a bit weird. For that matter, so are the holes in her head, but one issue at a time.