Sunday, November 13, 2016

Fun Findings

If you've been ogling those adorable foxes from Target's Christmas offerings but (like me) don't have a Target nearby, don't despair just yet! I found the same fox (and a sleeping one!) at K-Mart yesterday! They have a few different shades of fur colors, but these two were my faves.
"Can we have foxes as pets?"
As I'm sure you've noticed, my Walking Dead dollhouse project has sort of stalled. I did spot a few items in Hobby Lobby that have me thinking about it again, though. Check out these bird bath! It makes me want to paint the house so that I can start fussing with the "outside" portion of this project. 

My formatting abandoned me (curse you, mobile app!) about halfway through, please pardon the mess.

There were also a couple of stacks of firewood, which would be great to have outside. There was a pile like this... 

And a nicely-stacked one, like this! 

Great for outside the house!

 This smoker is probably a little small. And the ribs are... glittery. 

A few sections of this fencing would look great around the house.

These Hobby Lobby mixer ornaments would be great for Barbie's kitchen.
Black and pink were also options.

A little fake snow to set the scene, and these snowmen would look right at home. Found at Big Lots.
This Walmart team cooler would be great for a Barbie-size tailgating or picnic diorama!