Sunday, October 9, 2016

Quickie: More Holiday sightings and Clearance Day gets!

Big Lots has a bunch of these fashion packs out right now. I'm not recognizing them but that may just mean that the local Walmart never got them in. I really like the sandals in this set. The hat is a nice touch, as well. It's too bad they're more expensive here than the two outfit sets are at Walmart, though!

The single fashions are also pretty cute! Once again though, they're higher here than at Walmart.

I really like these shoes! 

I was surprised to see Project MC2 dolls - especially with painted-on faces! I wonder if the clothing is the same as it is in the general release range? I have been ogling some of those cute outfits.

The painted faces are just not cute. Kitty sweatshirt? Definitely cute.

Walmart's clearance shenanigans continue to baffle. I picked up Lonnie and Holly for HALF the prices marked on the boxes. I also grabbed a bunch of Sparkle Girls outfits, of which this one was the last to be freed from its' cardboard prison. Not pictured: Monster High Freaky Fusion Lagoonafire, who came home with me for just $4.

There were a LOT of Monster High and Ever After High dolls for decent prices on the clearance rack, several of which went for similar prices to what I paid (some for $9 or so), but I didn't have a deep, burning NEED to fill up on them. I do regret passing on some Star Darlings for $9 each, though.

Hastings Entertainment is going out of business, and I've been spending most of my extra cash over there. Here's one of my most expensive purchases, Lego Dimensions, which I got for $50. I am getting my butt handed to me in this game so far.

I enjoyed myself well enough to invest in a full-priced Unikitty expansion set, though. Aw, she's so cute!

Another Hastings purchase, and a bargain at just $8! And no, Louise, that's not sarcasm. I also grabbed up a Harry Potter Yule Ball doll for $8, purely to steal his outfit. Hopefully it'll fit someone.

Hastings closes for good before/at the end of the month. I'm planning one last raid to say goodbye to one of my favorite stores. I bought a lot more stuff, but due to some of it being birthday/christmas presents for at least one person who reads this thing... can't say what they were! ;)


  1. I've never seen those fashions either. I especially like the first one. It's looks very beachy.

    1. When I have more time, I need to go back and see if there were more hiding out someplace.

  2. Those Project MC2 dolls are intriguing. I wonder if they were a limited release that didn't sell as well as the inset eyes?

    I don't think I've seen those fashions either. I might possibly have seen them once or twice on eBay.

    1. I guess the MC2 dolls with painted faces are just a cheaper option (the clothes might be a little more cheaply made) than the regular ones. The faces just aren't charming on them.

      I def. need to check out those fashions again.

  3. Unikitty, defender of the mighty Dr Pepper Fount of Caffeine!