Sunday, October 2, 2016

I Live for Shoes (trades)!

Welcome back from hiatus-town! It's taken me a bit longer than I really planned to get this post up, because for once I was trying to do a better job of taking pictures. Better than my usual effort, at least!

So previously I picked up an Isul Milk Tea doll, and despaired of doing anything with the poor boy's stock. I mean, it's cute, but it's not really my style or the style of any of the dolls that I own. The fabulous BlackKitty of the Multicrafteral Lab stepped up and offered to do a trade, and here we are! Isul's stock has found a new home, and my gals are sporting some fancy new footwear! Let's take a look at what we got!

Lina: Rapunzel, quit fussing with the cactus! We're supposed to be taking pictures of our cool boots!
Rapunzel: I know, I know! I need just a minute! 

Lina's boots are really spiffy. They look like exactly the kind of thing you'd wear if you were going to get into some sword-slinging mischief. Or if you were going to risk brushing up against Rapunzel's new cactus.

It's a rather unflattering angle, but since she's not ready to cooperate, here's another pair of tall boots, these are much heftier looking than the first pair. Great for gardening, though!

Lina: Okay, you sit up, and I'll stand over here... or maybe over...? 
Rapunzel: Just admit that you have no idea what you're doing. 
Lina: NEVER!

Rapunzel's blue rain boots are unexpectedly darling. I really didn't expect to be so taken with them, but she's probably going to be spending a lot of time in them! Lina's dress boots, with their open sides, are pretty amazing, too. If I could wear heels (at all), I'd probably want a pair.

And an occasion to wear them to.

Louise: Okay, I assume somebody is going to fix this? 

Louise's mary janes ended up being a... little big. She's not going to be able to wear these, but I'm sure we'll find someone around here who can. :)

Louise: Eh... These aren't bad! A little more frou-frou than I generally like, but still!

The flats with bows are just a bit long, but look great in photos. Next stop, holiday dress shopping?

Rapunzel: Okay, I'm ready for action! Er.. these might be a little big... 

They might be a little big, but these sneakers are amazing! They're perfectly detailed down to the last stitch!

Lina: What happened to our lighting? This was supposed to look like effort went into it! EFFORT!
Rapunzel: You know that's not helping, right? 

Lina's blue heels are soft jelly-type shoes. They fit great but there is a slight risk of them slipping off. They match her new dress amazingly, though!

Rapunzel's shoes are not actually some that we ordered, they were included with a small packet of extras that came with the shipment. The color is amazing, and they look pretty comfy!

These yellow heels were a fun surprise! I just realized I didn't get a close-up of them, but they have a great shape to them.

Edit: Last minute edit save! Check these out! They're pretty cool-looking!

Whoopsie, didn't get a close-up of these heels either, but the big ribbons on the front are just amazingly adorable. Getting them on and off is a little challenging with the delicate MTM articulated feet, though.

Edit: Close-up shot delivered! Wouldn't these be cute with a poofy party dress?
The last pair of freebie shoes is this pair of heels, which go on and off very easily. No worries about the ankles, here!

Cute hearts and ribbons abound! I like how the ribbons trail down the back of the heels.
At this point, we were rapidly losing daylight. Louise got a pair of correctly-sized mary janes after all, though, courtesy of a Fashionista Barbie. (Ugh, I'm buying a whole doll just for shoes again...)

They really do look adorable on her, though.

Back inside for the grand finale! These little ankle boots are super-cute. (Are they maybe supposed to look like ostrich skin?) And as you can see, we've had another amazing find at the Humane Society store, a cell phone holder bean bag chair. Otherwise known as the DOLL bean bag chair! This thing is super-cool. The cover zips off to be cleaned and everything.

Lina shows us how it's done. Even the tallest heels look relaxing in the bean bag chair!

Our other new prop for this photo set was this mini cactus decoration, found at the same shop. I think Rapunzel named it Bertram or something like that. (It's a little weird. She keeps talking to it.)

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to BlackKitty for an amazing trade! I'm really excited about all the cool new shoes we have to try out and it's all because of you! I can't thank you enough for your patience and your indulgence. :)

Oh, and we've already found someone the larger sneakers fit! Yay!


  1. What a great opportunity! All of your new shoes are very nice. Your dolls looked they loved modelling them as well. You know, after the cactus was fixed.

    1. Ha ha, yeah Rapunzel's all about that cactus. The resale shop actually had another one, but I thought the flowering one was the nicer looking of the two.

  2. Woo-hoo! I'm so glad you liked them! The cactus is adorable. The caramel boots were my surprise pick, they were just too cute to leave. I'm going to try to upload a picture of my doll wearing Isul's outfit, it looks fabulous and I'm very happy we went through with the trade. Guess what? My order from that seller arrived today, I'm unboxing it tomorrow!

    1. I actually was just looking at those on Facebook! What a great match for your J-Doll. It really complimented her eyes and hair.

      That's awesome that your order came in, too! I'm excited to see what you got. I love seeing shopping/gets posts. :) Thank you again so much for doing the trade!

    2. I shot a video with my purchase, I have no idea when I'll have it edited. They gave me two nice pairs of shoes and two hilarious cheap outfits.
      The trade was super fun! I'm glad we both enjoyed it.

  3. What a fun spot to take outdoor pictures!

    1. This is actually the side of the back steps in my yard. What's funny is I had to wait to take my pics until the armadillo rooting around in the back yard was done doing his thing. I got pretty close to him, though. Pretty cool!

  4. These are some great photos! I really love that stone looking bench. When I saw the first boots they made me think, "Xena: Warrior Princess."

    1. Thanks! The little bench is actually concrete, I think. I got it at a now-defunct thrift shop for $1.50 a few years ago, and I've been thinking a miniature garden would be amazing to display it in. I think those first boots are very Xena, too! They just scream 'adventuress'!