Sunday, June 19, 2016

Eileen: Upgraded!

My Yeolume doll Eileen had an accident. That is to say, my stubborn refusal to use doll stands in favor of having Eileen (on the Dal body I had her on) sitting on the shelf with her arms supporting her. Her right wrist snapped! Aaaand then my Dal Tina (Kitty)'s right wrist snapped, too.

Clearly, I had screwed up. Big.

But I had been wanting to get Eileen and maybe Kitty on either Pure Neemo or Obitsu bodies for a long time, and so this seemed like a great opportunity. Thanks to an eBay seller, I obtained two(!) 21 cm Obitsu white bodies for under my target budget! Awesome!

Eileen takes a breather at Phantom Rock
And although the skintone isn't a perfect match for Eileen, it's close enough!

Then I realized that Kitty is a lot paler than the white Obitsu body. Not awesome.

Just for fun, I tried putting my "spare" Dal, the Lucia doll who I bought just to steal her body for Eileen on the spare body, and as practice for putting in the new eye chips I got for Eileen, I put a pair in Lucia.

What. A. Difference! Compare Lucia's stock eyes (actually more of a hot pink than they appear in this image at left)...

With this picture, below!

Previously, I didn't really care about this doll. Now, she's suddenly adorable as she can be! Her cutely scowling expression and dark hair makes me think of Louise Belcher from Bob's Burgers, so now her name is Louise!

"We should talk to the groundskeeper. This place is turning into a mess!"
 And since they've been getting to hang out together, Louise and Eileen are become great friends. Louise wanted to check out some of the sights, so this weekend they braved the jungle of Backyardia, taking a breather on Phantom Rock before heading back. Louise lost a sandal during the rush home (bugs are out!), but thankfully I found it here at the rock the next day.

They also did some clothes shopping. I'm getting a little concerned about the conspiratorial whispers though, to be honest. The Obitsu bodies are a little floppy in the torso because of how heavy the girls heads are, but I've been told I can fix that with craft foam. We'll see as soon as I can get to the store again!


I feel a little bad that poor Kitty has been neglected for the moment due to the lack of appropriate skintones to match her, but for now, these two new best friends are keeping each other company.


  1. Oh, she's MUCH cuter without the evil vampire eyes.

    1. I still can't get over what a difference it made getting rid of her spooky pink eyes!

  2. Replies
    1. They're way, WAY too adorable. I have to pick them up and pose them about every day.

  3. Don't J-Dolls have the same bodies as Dals because mine have wrist fractures too. I saw an obitsu body at a doll show and the guy wanted 80 bucks for it. Nope!

    They look so adorable in their Bratz clothing.

    1. J-Dolls have the same bodies as type 3 and type 4 Pullips, I think. They're just more mature versions of the same bodies and yeah, they're fragile. I have two J-Dolls myself, and I think the only reason they haven't broken yet is because they stay on their stands.

      I think I paid just about $35 for the two 21 cm bodies I got. I lucked out on the deal since they were used and it was a US seller and not an exporter. I watched eBay foreverrrrr trying to decide if I could really pay asking price for a new one. The bodies are actually really neat. Pretty much everything comes apart!

      Thanks! I've been eyeing that LOL cat shirt forever and wasn't sure any of this stuff would fit. I'm beyond stoked that it did, though!

  4. It's a shame how fragile some of these bodies are. It's why I can't bring myself to pay $100 for a J-Doll!

    How fun to find a way to upgrade Louise! I bet she and Eileen will get in lots of trouble together.

    1. Oh I'd have been beyond sick if I'd paid full price for my Dals and had this happen. As for the J-Doll bodies, they're fine for $20 at Tuesday Morning, but I don't think I could talk myself into paying more for one.

      Ha ha, I think I need to make them a box fort! That would be a fun photo shoot!