Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Home for the Walking Dead: Small Update

A little update on the Walking Dead dollhouse. I have picked up a couple of things but the big exterior repaint project has not yet started.

The only furniture I really had intended to purchase was a sink and maybe a stove for the kitchen, but I spotted this kit at the local Humane Society resale shop for a mere $2 and absolutely could not say no. I was a little afraid that there would be missing parts, but amazingly enough the whole thing was there! The set includes a treadle sewing machine with cabinet, a dressmaker's mannequin, a plastic scissors prop, and bits you can cut out to make a measuring tape and a pattern.

Look at that original store price and tell me you could have passed this up. Honestly, I'd have paid this price. The ladies who run the resale shop have extremely reasonable prices, and I don't ever try to undercut them. Wish I could say the same of the rest of their clients. I get embarrassed for some of these people. I've been watching auctions for a couple of other models in this line, so this was a great opportunity to try one out and see how well I liked it.

I've got the machine mostly together, but should have painted it before I started. (The instructions actually did recommend that. I am just impatient). Need to do that now before I put the knobs and such on there. I'm pretty pleased with how it came together, even if I did discover that I had initially put pieces together wrong and have to redo them. Potentially, this could be a point for painting after.

Here's another find from the same shop: gold plastic dishes! They might be a little big, but the ceramic plates I have are a little small, so..

I found a few items of fabric Polly Pocket clothing in my stuff, along with this wagon. They're pretty close to scale. The plastic Christmas ornament toy chest from the attic is now pulling baby bed duty. The little lamp is new. Found a great deal at Michael's and couldn't resist. Michael's also has a TON of great fairy garden stuff right now. It's making me want to set up an outside garden or something for the house. Well, one project at a time.

Let's head next door to the kitchen. We're pretty table-poor in here at the moment. Another previous thrift-shop find is the little wardrobe. I think it was a DIY jewelry box or something. I love how ridiculously cast-off it looks next to the "proper" furniture.

It's now the pantry! The bad paint job is really making this thing great imo. And to think I almost tossed it back in the 're-donate' pile awhile back. The crate of carrots and apples, along with the sacks of grains are from some sets that go with Breyer-type horses. I got these at Atwoods. The ridiculously out-scale cans of soda are going back in the Barbie-stuff bag since I now have proper food cans to go in here.

Dale's checking out some MiWorld cupcakes. They're a little big, but whatever. Sometimes you just need cupcakes, you know?

Back up here in the catch-all room, Carol's wondering just who is going to have time to do any sewing when that machine gets put together.

In the master bedroom, Daryl is saying hello to the ridiculously huge house cat. This is another Atwoods find, and even though it's a male cat, I had to get it since it looks a lot like Phantom. It's also a bit out of scale, and I intend to repaint it in the future, but I had to have this kitty once I saw it. The buffet has now been moved up here, for lack of a better place to put it.

The mannequin and its stand make good attic clutter at least. I've got a spare bed set up on the floor up here, in among all the cast-off stuff. You might notice Carol and Daryl's tent in there. I had an idea that the tic tac container might make a good aquarium, but I'm not sure if I'll bother with that. Right now I need to be focusing on the kitchen sink and stove. The stove, at least.

Edit: This post updated on 10/2/2017 with re-linked images. Thanks for nothing, Photobucket!


  1. The sewing machine is giving me TWD/LB&CN crossovers. XD

    1. They're going to have to get their own dollhouse!

  2. Even during the zombie apocalypse, you're going to need new clothes at some point, right?

  3. Love this idea! It reminds me a little of the house that was in the most recent Walking Dead game from TellTale.

    1. Oh, I need to check that game out! I've heard a lot of praise for it!

  4. I love the Walking Dead house! I bought a Victorian style dollhouse to make up as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle headquarters for my nephew. I found a stack of those Chrysnbon kits and had so much fun putting them together. I loved the wood burning stove with all the old fashioned pots and pans. I love your blog by the way.

    1. Oh I love that stove kit! I've been watching it on ebay for a while, hoping I'd catch it at a bargain price! I bet the turtles love their new home. Much nicer than a sewer!

      Thank you!