Thursday, March 3, 2016

A Home for the Walking Dead

My local cable provider has decided to be a turd and drop AMC. My frustration with this state of affairs has now manifested itself in trying to find new, fun ways to play with display my growing collection of Walking Dead action figures. I got Dale (and his lawn chair!) for Christmas, and obviously Daryl and Carol's pup tent camp was... getting crowded. The solution?

This place certainly LOOKS like it's seen the apocalypse.

This is actually my (badly, BADLY painted) childhood dollhouse. Yeah, you'd be REALLY embarrassed for me if you knew how old I was when I got this thing. Past me, you were a lazy thing. A lazy thing who couldn't paint worth crap. I tossed all the broken/junk that couldn't be salvaged, and I am going to be fixing it up/repainting it, but let's take a quick tour to see how the scale is.

McDonald's Mulan was hanging out in here when I dug it out of storage (I think the dust and stains add to the post-apocalyptic feel, don't you?) The lawn chair came with Dale. You're probably already familiar with the metal folding chairs (I need more chairs now!), but the perfectly-scale picnic table is actually from a knockoff Barbie ski lodge set I had in the 80's. Speaking of 80's hand me downs, that's She-Ra's blue fireplace from the Crystal Castle playset. ...Oh dang, I should have seen if I could find it, too! Surviving the zombie apocalypse in style!

The only thing Revy is cooking up is trouble.
Here's the dining room. You're going to notice a LOT of that yellow poster tac stuff on the walls of this place. It was younger-me's lame attempt at lighting the place, using battery-powered Christmas lights. It worked... kinda.

The pink pitcher is from a Barbie set and is really gross for some reason. It's getting tossed. The blue thing is an ice cream sundae from a My Little Pony set, and the rest of the furniture is all stuff from Hobby Lobby.

Authentic zombie battle damage?
I have no clue what in the world these red stains are on the floor. Did some mice battle to the death in here? At least it'll kinda work with our new theme, right? The white spots I can actually explain. Those are actually spots of glue where I glued fabric on the floor to make "carpet" forever ago. Dummy past-me, you should have used a brush!

Moving upstairs, we find the... actually I never really had a set theme for this room. I mean, it's not really a good layout for a bedroom, although it's been one a time or two. The yellow My Little Pony table and chairs have pretty much always been in here, though. I guess it's a sort of sitting room or breakfast room? The ridiculously outside cups are all Barbie stuff. They're getting tossed. The trash can behind Dale is a cap from a bottle of hairspray.

Just above Dale's head, we have the attic, which is currently jammed full of out of scale and broken furniture, along with a few other odds and ends. Fun fact, the cat in that photo is Tiger, my childhood tabby cat. She was a good kitty.

Lastly, we have the master bedroom, which is currently suffering from the inclusion of an astonishingly tacky bed I painted up in crazy cartoony style back in the 90's. I also made the little mattress for it, and the pillow, along with the cushion in the wicker chair and the bedspread on the actually nice-looking bed. You can see where the plasti-tac stained the wallpaper in here. We're also missing a door, which I'm not really sure of the location of. Carol's discovered that someone left a baby in here. That's certainly going to complicate things for our crew.

And there you have it. This place is a terrible, terrible mess. Hopefully we can make it work on the inside, and give the outside an appropriate makeover soon.