Saturday, February 27, 2016

Spring Spending Spree

I managed to stop in a Toys R Us today, and somehow, THIS happened.

Please excuse Wandy, there.

This is the best Isi I've ever seen, even if one of her face up is a little uneven.

Plus all MH was 20% off, which made her just $16. 

Grumpy old man Han Solo was the main reason for my visit, and I managed to get the last one in stock! Han already is unhappy where his new life has brought him. I do wish the new Black series figures came with as many accessories as his old one did, but I'm happy to have him anyway.

The doll clothes are nothing exceptional, other than being $2 and a fit for Eileen. She'll be happy.

Lastly, we have Bill Cipher and Stan from Gravity Falls. I actually thought these figures were out of production, but I guess not!

There was a whole Gravity Falls figure trove! I only got my fave Bill, though. I've heard Mabel and Dipper have trouble standing out of package. I don't know if Stan will, though.

Walking Dead series 9 figures were out, including this one. Whoever thought it was a good idea to have a traumatic disemboweled Dale figure... I hate you. Next we'll probably see headless Hershel!

There was also a line of dolls that appear to be made off the Winx bodies.

They were about $15, I think.

I've never heard of these, but they're kind of cute.

Corki here almost came home with me!