Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Walmart Reset of 2016 continues

Hasbro Princesses have landed! I was intrigued by the fact that there were horses available to purchase. Aw, look at that little Pascal!

Maximus here obviously shares a mold with the strange as heck Cinderella horse below, who is blueish like the mice-turned-horses in the movie but has streaks in his (her?) hair that just make me think that this is an equine Abbey Bominable from Monster High.

Interestingly, the horse on the packaging doesn't resemble the toy in the box OR Cinderella's old stallion Major from the movie. Major was a grey color, but his mane and tail were about the same shade as his coat. Maybe Cindy's prince bought her a new horse?

This will give you a vague idea of the size comparison (maybe). I bought this Elsa but haven't talked myself into opening her up yet.

Ever After High's weird as heck Littlest Pet Shop wannabe dragons were also out.

As were the genie-inspired Descendants dolls. 

The Equestria Girls minis are (for the most part) just a little cheaper here than they were at Target. Pinkie-Pie's bedroom set still rings up at $20, though. (I still want that rubber chicken!)

I guess eventually I'll have to play this Tsum Tsum game, just to see what all the merchandised hubbub is about. The stuff has spilled out of the Disney store, past Target, and now it's creeped into Walmart.

These blind bag things are sort of interesting, though.
Rapunzel's still chilling out on this tiny chaise lounge I found at the thrift, waiting on a chance to show off her new Made To Move body. Sorry Punzie, next time, maybe?

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Liebster Award 2016!

I thought I posted this already?!

Barb the Evil Genius at My Little Doll Corner presented me with the Liebster Award? Thanks!

The rules for award participation are as follows:


  1. Thank the person who presented you the award and link back to their blog
  2. Post the award image on your blog. 
  3. Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter. 
  4. Nominate 5 blogs with less than 200 followers. 
  5. Create 11 questions for the nominees to answer. 
  6. List these rules in your post. Inform the people you chose of their nomination by leaving a comment on their blog and link them your post.

1. What was the first doll or figure that started your collection?

When The Hunchback of Notre Dame came out, I bought my first doll since childhood, Esmeralda.
Esmeralda was the first doll I'd owned that had an entirely hard plastic body with joints, something which I didn't know was even a thing until I opened the box. I was just astonished at how you could pose her. She hung out around the house until a college classmate's daughter took a shine to her on a visit, and I sent Es to live with her. Several (SEVERAL) years later, I bought another doll which really started up collecting in a serious way, original Monster High Draculaura.

2. Is there a retired doll or doll line that you'd like to bring back?

This is sort of a hard question, because I see discontinued toys that I'd have really loved to collect all the time on other blogs. To name a few: Catwalk Kitties, Juku Couture, and the insanely nice Fashion Avenue Barbie clothes.

3. Have you ever acquired a grail doll?
I guess I sort of have... My Taeyang Willie Wonka and my Dal Tina (Kitty) are dolls I really wanted and agonized over spending the money on, but I ultimately did purchase both. I don't know if they're really "grail dolls", considering that they were never so insanely expensive or hard to find that it was a crazy dream to find/get them.

4. What are you looking forward to in 2016?

I'm really looking forward to more of the Made To Move Barbies this year!

5. Do you have a favorite doll line or manufacturer?
 Currently? Possibly Mattel. Maybe. We have a complicated relationship at the moment.

6. Any doll lines that you've moved on from?
The more of the budgety-looking, low-articulation Monster High dolls I see, the more I feel that passion dying. 

7. Do you have an idea what dolls you would like to acquire this year?
Definitely more of the Made To Move dolls. I got one to put Rapunzel on and I'm really liking them with only a few things I'm disappointed in. 

8. What would your dream doll accessory be? I'm talking things like furniture or a car or a set of dishes.
A really nice display cabinet (with doors I can lock) that looks like/doubles as a house!

9. If you were to write a paper on an era of doll history, which era would you pick?
I think it would be interesting to do one on the modern era, and compare and contrast the different ways manufacturers are trying to appeal to consumers. (Case in point: holy smokes, Barbie with different body types!?)

10. Do you do any creative activities related to your doll collection?
I.... guess this blog counts? I occasionally sew a bit. I like the idea of altering patterns, but I'm not good at it.

11. How do dolls fit into your everyday life?
 I display several of my favorites in my room and a few choice (cat-inaccessible) spots around the house. I like setting up dioramas for them, but they typically can't get very elaborate since there's not a lot of free space in the house and I have to be able to put them away to keep the cats out of them. I sometimes take one or two on a little adventure in my bag.

Here's my questions:
1. Do you prefer buying or making items for your dolls?
2. What's the biggest regret and the biggest victory you have in collecting?
3. What's your "dream" doll/toy adventure?
4. Is there a property you wish had dolls/toys that doesn't currently?
5. What's the craziest/furthest length you've gone to for the sake of your collection?

I nominate (ignore if you got double-nominated in the ridiculous space of time I took filling this out):
1. Muff at Hey It's Muff
2. My Little Megara at In a World of My Own
3. Purr, who has no blog but comments a lot.
4. Grandmommy at Big and Little Creations
5. Smaller Places

Monday, January 11, 2016

More Newness

It's the most Reset-iful time of the year~! Here's a few more things making appearances on the shelves nearby...

Apparently Poppy O'Hair is the Walmart exclusive Dragon Games doll. She comes with a tiny little super adorable purple dragon. I like the outfit! Actually, most of the Dragon Games dolls have really amazing outfits. 

This is the first Star Darling doll I've seen. I'm not really a fan of some of the materials they've used on Scarlet's outfit (her shirt annoys me), but I admit I admire the ambition. The Starling version of Scarlet appears to have pearly skin, which is something that I'm not really enthused about. Speaking of not enthused...

I'm not impressed at all with these fakie-like super-thin-box Monster High and Ever After High dolls. The molded tops on the EAH's are especially unwelcome. Bleh. I'm also not too taken with Designer Boo-Tique Frankie back there. Molded stitches or no, the low level of articulation goes against a big part of what makes the line so great.

Some vinyls have appeared, including a couple of chases. 

I do like the multi-purpose furniture EAH has. These two vanity/jewelry boxes are really cute.
And Ross has them for a great price. 

Ross also had a couple of other EAH playsets. I never saw these in any other stores. 

Oh, if I was only in the market for lots of doll shoes...!

I also bought a Made To Move Barbie who has donated her body to Rapunzel. More on that to come!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

More new Barbie Fashion Packs

Found these three new fashion packs at Walmart. According to the pic on the back of the packages (I love when a picture of all your choices is included!), they're the only three in the set. 

Friday, January 1, 2016

Looking Around at what's new.

Hey! Guess who went shopping after Christmas? Here's a few things I saw.

You gotta admit that the Shopkins Shoppies dolls are cute as heck, even with their odd name. Personally, i think the line of collectible purchasables is.. odd. i admit that i don't get it and the Shoppies dolls just confuse the issue more. The dolls are cute, though. I think my favorite is Donatina, here. The closed mouth on her face mold is a lot sweeter-looking than the weird open mouths the other dolls in the series have. (So they befriend and wear or eat the Shopkins items? Just trying to make sure I understand this!)

A dad on the doll aisle was loudly complaining while I was there that these toys are "literally made to TEACH children to spend money!" Well, he's not really wrong, I guess.

In case you wondered, this is what the top of her head looks like.

She had a cute little cart which came with some chokeably-small Shopkins minis. These will apparently be devoured alive by Donatina and her cart customers.

A couple of regular-size Shopkins appear to know this is the fate of their tiny brethren, and delight that they are probably not sharing this grisly end. The brush, however, appears to be trying to ignore the situation.

The back of the package features Donatina's bio.

I also visited a very nice Dollar Tree store, which had nearly been picked clean by holiday shoppers. I grabbed one of these Monster High Inner Monster add-on packs. Just the shoes were worth the $1 price tag!

Tuesday Morning had these cute mini Madame Alexander "dolls of the World" called Play Travel Friends. They're like child versions of the cheap "world" dolls that I remember every hotel gift shop having when I was a kid! I'm not sure if they all share the same face mold, but they're all pretty darn adorable.

The emotions from Inside Out made an appearance on this store window. Cute.

On to Target! The weirdly bobblehead-looking Hasbro Disney Princess dolls were also rolling out. Target also had two-outfit sets for Elsa or Anna for $20 each.

Kristoff and Anna featured in this two-pack at TRU. These dolls appear to be about the size of Ever After High dolls. They also look like they have big feet. I wonder if they can share clothes?

I don't care for the style of these, myself. I did see the head from one of them (a Rapunzel) on a Barbie Made To Move body on Flickr that looked pretty great, though.

These posable ponies are interesting, but I didn't really inspect them closely. 

(Photo via Amazon)
Target also had the Equestria Girls minis. There's an "every day" individual figure of each character in the core cast, plus a sleepover set for all of them but Rainbow Dash. At least, the shop I went to didn't have any? The sleepover sets have a unique mold (head and outfit) for the doll from what's on the every day version. Pinkie's sleepover set was the most expensive. $20 for hers, versus $15 or so (I honestly forget the exact amount) for the others. Pinkie's has the most furniture and accessories, though.

That is Boneless the chicken on the wall back there! I almost talked myself into buying this set just for that chicken. On a related note, I would like to buy that chicken.

Gummy the alligator also is included. I wish Pinkie's set didn't cost $20!

(Photo from Amazon again)
 I got the every day version of Pinkie by herself, which honestly was more than expensive enough. Yowza. I paid about $9 for her. She's cute as she can be, but she can NOT stand unassisted. The heads on these dolls are SUPER heavy, and due to the way Pinkie's hips are done, she can't seem to keep her legs straight beneath her. Lean her against something like a wall and she just starts sliiiiiding down into the splits. It's weird to watch. I'm going to try rubber banding her legs together to try and straighten them out.

She has, however, thoroughly enjoyed watching me rehair an Applejack toy to make a Cheese Sandwich custom, though. We're still working on that.

Happy New Year!

After a crazy shopping trip this past week, my Yeolume doll (who I've named Eileen) and I are still exhausted. Even a trip to the kitchen for some food didn't merit changing out of our pajamas.

We're going back to bed. 2016 can wait.