Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Kenya at... DOLLAR TREE?!

So this took me by surprise today in Dollar Tree. Two Kenya Fashion Madness dolls?! I grabbed both of these guys, but saw no sign of any more at the local store. 

Here's the back of the box. Each of the guys comes with their outfit, shoes, and the little info booklet that I recall coming with the other Kenya I bought a year or more ago at Family Dollar for $5 on extreme markdown.

For $1 each at Dollar Tree, I'd have grabbed all I could carry. 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Quickie: Dal Tina

Ever since I started looking at Pullip and Dal dolls, I've had a favorite. I couldn't resist Tina.

Just look at her! What's not to like? Her kitty-themed elegant gothic lolita style is just beautiful! So I told myself that if I ever ran across her someplace for a decent price, I'd have no regrets at all about snapping her up. Then I found her on eBay, and spent the last two weeks agonizing over the wait for her to arrive. Today, she finally did! It's dark as heck right now, but I had to take a few pics of her to share after all this anticipation!

Her box is really pretty, and makes a gorgeous display for her. Unfortunately, as you can see, the top of Tina's spiffy hat fell off somewhere along the line. A little dab of hot glue should fix that, though.

The sleeve slides right out of the box, and then the "fun" starts!

Okay, so less "fun" and more "endless tape peeling". Finally the last circle of adhesive was removed, and Tina was free!

Tina arrives with her arms and legs covered in plastic, and more plastic holding her hair on the sides of her face. I was alarmed when one hand and one of her knee joints came loose while freeing her from all this stuff!

Tina is a girl who likes to accessorize. In addition to her now-modular hat with attached red feather boa, she comes with another loop of feather boa (a stole, I assume), a pair of furry kitty-ear barettes (so tiny!), striking red and black shoes, and a pair of patchy sleeve garters, in addition to her card and stand. She's wearing a spaghetti strap black dress with red detail, a patchy-looking overskirt, a pair of white socks, and a strange sort of jacket that wraps around her to tie. You can't see them since I didn't take a pic, but she has black bloomers on under her dress.

 A hair ribbon of more frayed-looking fabric ties her hair back.

This is currently how I have her styled. The jacket seems to be a necessity, since the spaghetti straps of her dress allow the top of the thing to rest just below her bust. A pity, since it's really cute on its own. The barrettes are a little hard to put on her with her hair tied, so it'll probably be getting loose soon. Like all Dal, Byul and Yeolume dolls, Tina can't wink or close her eyes, but she can look from left to right.

I was disappointed to discover that her shoes are sticky-feeling. Is the vinyl breaking down? I'm probably going to try putting a coat of sealant on them to keep them from attracting every loose cat hair in the house. I'm probably not going to use the sleeve garters, but they are a cute idea.

This is the overskirt (or is it an apron?), which is made to look like layers of shredded-up fabric, but is pretty solid.

More pictures to come when it's not dark!

Updated 2018 with re-linked photos.