Sunday, October 18, 2015

Phantom is a doll

I decided not too long after losing Phantom that I wanted to make something memorializing her. It's not done, by any means, more a work in slow, slow progress, but after being hit with inspiration online one night I managed to get a black and white Catwalk Kitties doll head. My Monster High Catty Noir has been languishing in the storage bin for... Well, let's just call it a very, very long time.

It was a pretty simple matchup to make. I'm pretty sure I'll rehair her with some nicer hair, and maybe get/make a custom outfit for her that better reflects her "tuxedo cat in an ill-fitting tuxedo" look, but for the moment, this is how she looks. 13 Wishes Abbey's wispy, dreamy dress looks rather ghostly on her, which I can't decide if I like or not.

Just for fun, or something resembling it, I threw EAH Cupid's wings on her. This just made me weirdly sad. Maybe the more stylized Thronecoming wings would be better?

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Disney Store update: Athena spotted!

Heads up, the Disney Store site has a lot of new stuff, including items from the upcoming film The Good Dinosaur, fashion packs for fashion dolls, such as this one for Rapunzel that includes another take on her wedding gown and a really nice Pascal for about $13. There were also sets for Aurora (blue dress/best dress), and Jasmine (also a wedding set).

 But what's got my imagination at the moment is a 10" "Action Figure" of Athena from Tomorrowland.

"Action Figure". See, it says it right there on the box. That means it's totally awesome and not a goofy, silly doll at all. ACTION FIGURE. I liked Tomorrowland. There, I said it. It definitely had some problems, but I felt like I "got" the message that it was sending. And it was a good message. It's not too late for you to dream, no matter who you are or where you are, and even though the future CAN be scary, you have to keep believing that it's going to be better. ..Because if you're afraid of the future, and obsess over how scary it *could* be, you'll build that future for yourself. Granted it got muddled around a bit and could have stood some editing in places, but I enjoyed it. And I wanted a Tomorrowland pin.

Anyway, they have a lot in this box. First of all there's Athena herself, with fingerless(!) gloves, denim jacket, and a messenger bag that would make Indiana Jones proud. She's also got some spiffy red sneakers.
 In addition, she comes with her "Chicago World's Fair" outfit, including long gloves, flats, (An Indy hat!), and that fateful pin. In the tradition of the upgraded "singing dolls", this Action Figure set is priced at $35. I want it. I can't even really explain it to myself. I suspect the doll action figure body is similar to the current Classic dolls, just with shorter legs or something, and the price is a bit... pricey. Still.. I worry a bit that even though the film wasn't that popular, she might sell out.


I've been to a Disney park exactly once, and during our visit, my favorite "land" at Disney World was retro-futuristic Tomorrowland. I loved it, in all its' dated, 1970's echoing the 1960's looking at the future glory. So seeing the "world" that park section was supposed to bridge to was amazing in the film.

And again, I WANTED that pin. Luckily for me, Disney Movie Rewards had the pins for a shockingly low point redemption (one per customer) not too long after the film came out, so I was able to get one there. So yay for a tiny bit of reprieve from want. Still though.. if these are around long enough to go on sale.. I think I'm going to end up owning Athena.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Hera. Is. DONE.

 At least, she's as done as this version of her is going to get, I think. Call her Hera 1.0! One of these days, I'll have to make a C1-1OP to hang out with her, but for now she's made friends with my 1/6 R2D2.

As you can see, there are a lot of things I didn't quite finish (her boots, for one), but over all, I think this version of her is as complete as it's going to get. I'll need to redo her flight suit for any future additions, so this is as good a stopping point for the time being as any.

Her eyes came out a bit too dark and a bit too green, but I'm glad I was able to keep most of the original faceup. I redid her headset by making the earphones from air dry clay. Why such a simple solution wasn't the first thing I thought of...? I have no idea. I'm blaming the dark side of the Force for clouding my mind. Also, I'm not very smart sometimes, so there's that.

I'm probably going to revisit this project in the future, and redo Hera. Make her outfit more accurate, do a better job on her details, and so on. But for the moment, I'm pretty happy with how she's come out. She's managed to exceed my expectations in the sense that I really thought I'd start this and quit by now in a fit of frustration. I didn't expect to get this far with her. So, in time for the S2 premiere this month, here she is!

Now... If Disney would just kindly start making more Hera merchandise...!

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