Saturday, July 25, 2015


Well, it happened. I ended up bringing home Yeolume from Tuesday Morning! I've looked at this cute lil' gal in the past, but wasn't impressed by the body she was equipped with, even for $40.

Aha, but with a discount sticker that effectively made her $25, NOW I was interested!

Here she is out of the box, with all her little accessories. I find it funny that her tote bag has a picture of a dressy purse on it. Her headband, no matter what I tried, would not sit nicely in her silky hair.

Her tiny, TINY little heels barely stay on her feet with those socks.

And her feet themselves are not impressive. Little nubby things.

Her clothing is well-made and her school jacket is fully lined.

So, about that body.. She has six points of basic articulation. Unlike the larger Pullip doll (her future mother, according to the box?!), Yeolume cannot wink or blink her eyes. She can look left and right thanks to a lever on the back of her head, however.

You can bend her knees thanks to the internal wire. Her arms... I don't think they're supposed to bend, but I gave it a go after getting her head off.

That's as far as brute force could move her right arm. This body is just terrible.

I had a spare Ever After High body, but the neck post wasn't right. And Hayden's the palest of the Liv dolls I have floating around. Neither of these would work.

Some of you guys may remember the Serial Experiments Lain "action doll" I got from eBay awhile back. I had a Stardoll head on the body for awhile, but Stardoll's face was way too mature. With a few rubber bands to thicken the neck post, Yeolume looks pretty good on there! The head is much paler than the body, but until I can find something better (and sturdier, the Lain body is not up to supporting this heavy head!), this is where she's staying for now.

 I wonder what my mother would say about the fact that she used to have this same hairstyle (nearly)? Yeolume's dress and jacket are from a Vi and Va fashion pack.

Yeolume has made friends with my Taeyang Willy Wonka. He even let her borrow his hat! If Yeolume is Pullip's future daughter, does that mean Taeyang is her future dad?

Yeolume: HI DAD!
Will: Hi th- Wait, WHAT?!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Choco Treasure

Ever heard of Choco Treasure? I picked one of these up on my last Hastings stop. They seem like the Nestlé Wonder Ball that enjoyed a short life here in the states. Back home I still have some of the tiny figures I got from the first, vastly superior incarnation of the idea, the Magic Ball, before the idea of little kids choking on the miniature toys sent the toys packing in favor of stickers, and then ultimately little gross candies.

Anyway.. Choco Treasure.

Apparently I failed to photograph the box. At any rate, it showed several different possible prizes relating to the characters from Penguins of Madagascar movie. Punch out paper figures, plastic figures, stickers, and several similar items. 

I mean, none of them great, but still, it's cool to see Wonder Ball/Kinder Egg type candy again. I thought these types of things were still banned in the states?

The egg is clearly divided into two chocolate-like hemispheres, they were okay. Nothing great.

The capsule inside has this funky lip around it.. I guess to firmly dissuade children from trying to swallow it.

So what prize was inside?

Dang it. Stickers?! You win this round, Choco Treasure. Guess I won't be choking on any tiny penguins today.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Home for the Fourth?

Actually made a trip out and about this weekend! Found a TON of stuff from Dreamworks movie Home at TRU. The doll of Tip is neat, but I don't think it really captures how adorable the character is.

There were also a bunch of small and cute, yet really overpriced plush.

Remember when Disney put out a Genie figure for pretty much every one of Robin Williams' impressions in Aladdin? Well there was a small "mood figure" for pretty much every color change the little alien characters had.

In other news, I'm hopeful that Miss Phantom is on the mend. Yay!