Saturday, April 4, 2015

Photoshoot: Spring Garden

I don't really have much of a garden, but Rapunzel, Frozen Fever!Elsa (who needs a new name!), and a new doll who's also currently nameless went out to see the flowers in bloom, anyway.

Please pardon the jar, I'm trying to propagate some of my grandmother's roses, using the jar method. So far, my success rate with this seems to be 3/7. FF!Elsa is a fan of tulips, it seems. I've rebodied her onto a Liv doll body, which looks pretty good. The head/neck is a little loose, though.

FF!Elsa did also take a moment to examine the daffodils. I swear, if she had a title, it would be "The Palest of Them All". Look at her, she's almost glowing. Her top is part of a Sparkle Girlz set, which she's paired with some Barbie (I think?) capris.

Rapunzel preferred the small, more in scale flowers. I'm really not sure what the attraction was for her with these. Her new outfit is a Sparkle Girlz dress and vest. It's a pretty cute set. Very Spring-like!

Other than the fact that she could roll in them, of course.

And here we have our newbie! I bought a nameless "anime doll" just for fun on eBay the other day. Her head was weirdly discolored, so I decided to see if I could pop it off. Indeed I could! After some experimenting, I discovered the Stardoll head you see on her was a perfect, functional fit. Her dramatic make up is way too adult for the body she's on, so I'm not sure if I'm going to keep looking for another head, or if I'll just wipe off her face up and redo it.

We also took a moment to examine the trees in the yard. Elsa prefers the dramatic color of the peach.

Rapunzel is more a fan of the soft colors of the weeping cherry, though.

So, that's our little update for the day. Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Fun! They all look lovely. I named my FF! Elsa Bianca, if that's any help in your naming process. :)

    1. Bianca! Such a cute name! I'm considering Eva, but I'm not sure yet.

  2. Beautiful photos! I especially like Elsa in the tree. You are right, she is glowing.