Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Custom in Progress Update: Hera Syndulla Part 3

I'm not all that happy with the current update, but I thought I'd show what I've got done anyway. Because why not, right?

Anyway, here's Hera from the front:

And from the back:

Next up is figuring out that weird collar thing she wears, sewing on her shoulder guards, and then we get to the fun bit... the lekku!

I'm disappointed to report that I have yet to locate a good source of material for Hera's flight cap thing, but in the meanwhile, I'm shopping for air dry clay again.

Edit: Found a knit shirt that has the perfect texture for that flight cap!

(This post updated 2018.09.09 with relinked images. Thanks for nothing, Photobucket!)


  1. The addition of the white ribbon really steps it up a notch. I especially like how it looks through the belt loops.

    1. Thanks! I'm pretty pleased with the look of the ribbon, although I wish I'd gone with a slightly thinner one for authenticity's sake. Of course, nothing is 100% on her in terms of design, I imagine I'll be redoing her clothing in the future for a better looking, more true to show look, so I'm not feeling too bad about the disparities yet. :)

  2. It looks great, I'm looking forward to see her hair later :D
    I'm a huge fan of Rikku - a character from Final Fantasy X (game), maybe I should adopt one blonde doll to restyle her ... someday :) It's fun :)

    1. I'm actually working on Hera's lekku right now! :D I bet Rikku would make for an amazing doll!