Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Hera Syndulla: another mini update

After a whole day of freaking out, I finally found where I'd misplaced Robecca Steam's goggles! However, I'd forgotten that the left lens had this weird faceted thing going on. Could that be sanded off without ruining them? What do you guys think? Are Robecca's goggles worth modifying? Here's a reference pic for how the character looks, again:

Edit: Now with less potato-like pictures...

Or should I call it good enough with these Bratzillaz ones? (But they're HUUUUGE!)

Oh yeah - and I finished her flight cap! I should have held off until I had more white thread, though. This pic is still potato-like, sorry about that. Oh well.

Bonus pic: Hera's been getting awfully friendly with Hunter...

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Hera Syndulla custom mini update

Hey folks! Hera got a mini me!

And she also got her lekku!

They aren't quite even, but they're passable. Next stop: painting! I did put some peachy tone on her lips, pretty happy with it so far.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Custom in Progress Update: Hera Syndulla Part 3

I'm not all that happy with the current update, but I thought I'd show what I've got done anyway. Because why not, right?

Anyway, here's Hera from the front:

And from the back:

Next up is figuring out that weird collar thing she wears, sewing on her shoulder guards, and then we get to the fun bit... the lekku!

I'm disappointed to report that I have yet to locate a good source of material for Hera's flight cap thing, but in the meanwhile, I'm shopping for air dry clay again.

Edit: Found a knit shirt that has the perfect texture for that flight cap!

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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Custom in Progress Update: Hera Syndulla

Just a quick update on how Hera is coming along. I've stitched up her sleeves, designed and sewed the leather upper part of her jumpsuit (genuine leather!), and installed snaps on the clothing. Badly, but they're there. I also took off a bit of her factory faceup, which I'll be salvaging a bit of when I repaint her. Her shoes have still not arrived yet, so she's wearing some borrowed ones for now. Here she is so far!

Front view: 

Back view:

So I guess the next step is the detail work on her outfit, since I'm putting off the gloves, lekku and her headpiece until last. I think some large pearl buttons may end up being used for her ear covers. One thing I have goofed up on is that I managed to put the snaps for her blouse almost right underneath the snaps for the flight suit. In fact, the smarter thing to have done on the blouse would have been to make it a sleeved body suit. It has a tendency to try and ride up a bit when you put her suit on.

Well, that's a note for the inevitable version 2, I guess. I'm not so sure that it wouldn't have been smarter to make the blouse and suit all one piece, for that matter. I wanted the ability to use the blouse on its own as a separate, but the layering of fasteners has definitely made me wonder if that was such a good idea. Hera's a bit thicker looking than the average Monster High doll because of all the layers in her clothing, but I think I kind of like that. For now, at least.

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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Photoshoot: Spring Garden

I don't really have much of a garden, but Rapunzel, Frozen Fever!Elsa (who needs a new name!), and a new doll who's also currently nameless went out to see the flowers in bloom, anyway.

Please pardon the jar, I'm trying to propagate some of my grandmother's roses, using the jar method. So far, my success rate with this seems to be 3/7. FF!Elsa is a fan of tulips, it seems. I've rebodied her onto a Liv doll body, which looks pretty good. The head/neck is a little loose, though.

FF!Elsa did also take a moment to examine the daffodils. I swear, if she had a title, it would be "The Palest of Them All". Look at her, she's almost glowing. Her top is part of a Sparkle Girlz set, which she's paired with some Barbie (I think?) capris.

Rapunzel preferred the small, more in scale flowers. I'm really not sure what the attraction was for her with these. Her new outfit is a Sparkle Girlz dress and vest. It's a pretty cute set. Very Spring-like!

Other than the fact that she could roll in them, of course.

And here we have our newbie! I bought a nameless "anime doll" just for fun on eBay the other day. Her head was weirdly discolored, so I decided to see if I could pop it off. Indeed I could! After some experimenting, I discovered the Stardoll head you see on her was a perfect, functional fit. Her dramatic make up is way too adult for the body she's on, so I'm not sure if I'm going to keep looking for another head, or if I'll just wipe off her face up and redo it.

We also took a moment to examine the trees in the yard. Elsa prefers the dramatic color of the peach.

Rapunzel is more a fan of the soft colors of the weeping cherry, though.

So, that's our little update for the day. Hope you enjoyed!