Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Custom in Progress: Hera Syndulla

As I have mentioned, back in the day, I was a huge, huge Star Wars nerd. This was roughly 1996 or so, and the EU was picking up steam. I devoured every novel I could get my hands on at the library. Eventually though, I ran out of steam on Star Wars. I still absolutely adored my favorite character, R2-D2, and still grabbed merchandise of him that tickled my fancy, but I just couldn't care about the universe beyond the original three movies anymore. (The EU had become a gargantuan cluster and I just couldn't be bothered. Good riddance to it, I say.)

The new tv series Star Wars: Rebels? I love it. My Star Wars nerd has come out to play BIG time, and I have come to the conclusion that I MUST have a doll of one of the characters, Twi'lek pilot and rebel, Hera Syndulla. Backstory on Hera and Kanan, the two leaders of the Rebel group, appears in the new EU novel "A New Dawn".

Hera is my favorite character on the show, even beating out the crew's droid. Smart, resourceful, and the heart of the group, she is a fantastic character.I'm making Hera from a Monster High Create-A-Monster witch, since heck... she's already green and I already have her. Thus far, I've managed to cobble together overalls and a shirt for her, which I managed to sew the cuffs into after taking this pic. The front of the overalls isn't totally accurate, but what the hey, at least they fit her!

Concept art: 

I found an old leather purse at the thrift store, which I'm cutting up for material. Ribbon will stand in for the pilot rigging, and I'll use Model Magic for her lekku (head tendrils), much like how I did with Nii's horns. As far as the gloves/gauntlets and flight helmet go... I'm a bit stumped at the moment. I have ordered a few pairs of boots to try my hand at repainting, so we'll see how that goes.

Stay tuned for updates!