Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Quick Look: Star Wars Rebels C1-10P "Chopper" figure

I seem to devote a lot of time on here to my dolls, but I have other kinds of toys, too. My interests are pretty eclectic, and my collection tends to reflect that. So let's talk a little Star Wars!

Star Wars is something I grew up loving, even though I mostly rolled my eyes at the prequel trilogy. I was a fan of the animated (2D) Clone Wars series, and liked the Clone Wars (3D) series well enough to watch it for a while but I didn't stay with it past the first couple of seasons. Too much politics with lightsabers, too little R2D2. (R2 is my all-time favorite Star Wars character, with Han Solo a distant second.)

I knew that there was a Disney-produced Star Wars series coming out, but didn't watch it until recently, when I binge-watched the entire series so far. Great show, imo, but let's not get too sidetracked. Today, we're here to talk about the show's resident droid, C1-10P; aka "Chopper". Since it took so long for me to watch the show, I missed the first round of toys for the series. Today, I finally managed to snag figures of Chopper and another character while perusing the mostly-empty aisles at Walmart.

You can read more about Chopper and see his series likeness here

I paid $5.88 each for these little guys. As you can see, the articulation and size on them is similar to past Star Wars figures. I have a few humans around somewhere in storage, but I'm afraid all I have out on display at the house is pretty much R2. Lots of R2.

There's a mini bio of Chopper on the back of the card, along with a checklist of other figures in this specific line. I mentioned before that they're only similar in size, so let's see why. I don't have a good comparison shot of the characters together in the series, but I think Chopper's a little under-scale.

Beep bu-weep! (Back off, pipsqueak!)
Here's Chopper out of the package, compared with a basic R2 figure. I think this specific figure is from the Power of the Force line, which pre-dated the re-release of the three original films. They have the most in common of any of the figures in my collection. Both have three points of "articulation" including 360 degree rotating head and the "arms", and they both stand flat on their feet with no sculpted or added-on wheels.

Chopper's figure really looks better in this style than R2's, I think. The matte paint goes a lot more in line with the look of the cartoon. While R2's metallic paint looks odd and out of place - perhaps a little cheap(?), Chopper looks better defined and cohesive. 

They do have differences, including R2's metallic paint, and greater sculpted detail. Another difference is that R2 features a retractable central foot. In the series, Chopper has a rotating wheel that can pop out of his body, but the figure doesn't have this feature.

To compare Chopper to another figure, we could pit him against R4-K5, aka "Darth Vader's R2 unit" from the Expanded (and mostly retconned) Universe.

Beeee-eeeep! (R2? Don't leave me alone with him!)
R4 is from a later line than the R2 we're looking at, and he's a more "deluxe" figure than either this R2 or Chopper. How's that possible?

R5 has actual wheels under his feet, for one thing. Additionally, instead of pulling down a tab to deploy the extra foot like R2, on R5 you can move the foot up and down by rotating the figure's head. Although the wheels are nice to have, really you don't need them to move the figures around.

The Empire's droid breakdancing competitions were incredibly involved affairs.
R5 also has three additional points of articulation, located at each of the "ankle" joints on his feet. It's been awhile since I bought R5, but I think I paid about $8-9 for him.

Bee-beep boop beep! Bweeeee! (The Sith droid keeps following us! Heeeelp!)
 Chopper is a very basic figure, but he's well painted and is a great likeness of the series character and clearly evokes the series' style. He's sturdily-constructed, and surprisingly expressive in that neat way that astromech droids tend to be. I'm definitely glad I grabbed him up, especially for the price. We'll take a look at Kanan just as soon as I manage to locate some non-droid figures to compare him to.

I know R2 has had a release in the higher end "Black Series" line (which I WANT), and I could easily see kids who enjoyed this little guy wanting a similar release of Chopper in a couple of years. If I found one, I definitely wouldn't be able to resist.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's - er, Happy CLEARANCE Day!

As I've mentioned before, the local Walmart store typically has a huge clearance sale once a year. Usually they do this in the fall, and typically they just start slashing prices down to 75% off or better, just to be rid of old stock. It's arguably the only cool thing that the store does.

Well this past year, they didn't do it.

They DID have a big clearance sale, but only knocked a few bucks off of most items, and there were hardly any toys present. After a run of fantastic bargain shopping in the past, it was a tremendous let down.

Well at Christmas this year, the store put out the big pair of tables and covered them with stuff for the shopping season. Then the tables just... didn't go away. And then they started adding more stuff to the tables, so clearly something weird was going on. I actually picked up a couple of things this past week, such as a Barbie bicycle with basket, and lugged them around for a little while before I decided I should save my money. On a whim, I went in to the store and low and behold... CLEARANCE. Up to 75% off of the original prices!

I uh... went a little nuts. I discovered that Hunter and Ashlynn's box had a second price sticker bumping it down to $10 on the bottom, so I snagged it for $10, plus the bike for $10, the single Barbie fashion came up for $1.50, and then I think I paid $2.50 each for the four "two outfit" packs. And then another $2.50 for Tiana, because I've been wanting a Tiana.

I also grabbed one of those Barbie fashions left over from back at Christmas (You know the ones, right? In the plastic sleeve instead of a blister card?) which came up for $5, but I think I'm taking it back. I am just not a fan of clothing that only has the pattern on one side.

So, ignoring that item, this is my haul: approximately $30 of dolls, accessories and clothing. Not too shabby. I can think of worse ways to spoil yourself for Valentine's Day! I just wish they'd had more than one bike left!