Saturday, January 24, 2015

Team Caryl (part one)

I searched and searched before Christmas, but Carol Peletier's figure in the McFarlane Walking Dead line was not to be found. I really wanted to pick out this figure myself, since painting quality seems to vary wildly on these figures. At least, on the ones I've seen in person.

Finally though, I had to admit defeat. I'd made a three hour round trip drive looking for her by this time. Clearly, I wasn't going to find her. So I swallowed my pride and headed to eBay. There, for a surprisingly affordable price (I think it was $15), I found an auction I was willing to take a chance on.

Carol arrived just a few days after Christmas, and other than a small spot or two of paint on her chest, she looks AMAZING. I was worried to death that her face would look bad, but it's almost flawless.

Carol comes with a knife that has a brass knuckles-style grip, a small pistol, and a gas can. Her articulation is pretty much identical to Daryl's, but her shoulder joints are a little bit limited by the surrounding sculpting from her coat.

They also are a little hard to find props in scale for. Tiny crate or giant kitty? YOU decide!

Clearly, I had to have a Carol once I had a Daryl. I love how close these two characters have grown since season 2 of the show, and the figures are gorgeous.

I've made a little campsite diorama on the side table in my room, and after he shook down those little World Peacekeepers figures for their tent and supplies awhile back, Daryl's been hanging out there. Sometimes KITT comes by and sits with him. Sometimes Rocket sneaks in and vandalizes things. But today we're talking about Carol's arrival.

Carol: Don't move! I... Daryl?
Daryl: Can I move yet? I ain't got a dang hot pad fer this blasted kettle!

Daryl: If'n you ain't a sight fer sore eyes!
Carol: I can't..! I can't believe you're here! You've been here this whole time!?

Daryl: I been movin' 'round. Cain't stay in one spot too long. Th' dang r'coons ain't too friendly 'round these parts.
Carol: I hope you know how that sounds.
Daryl: I reckon it sounds plumb crazy 'til you done seen 'em. Big thangs. W' ray guns an' th' like.
Carol: I hope you know how THAT sounds.
Daryl: An' that dang thang done stoled m' bow!
Carol: Let's just agree that we'll watch out for them. 

So since then, things have settled down a bit. So far Rocket hasn't brought back Daryl's bow from whatever nefarious purpose he has in mind for it. Seating's been a bit hard to come by, but the intrepid duo have been making do.

"I bet we could bludgeon walkers with these things!"
That is, until today! I was in Dollar Tree and saw some wrestler figures that came with various props. As you can see, they may not be perfect but they work. And they work VERY well! I was tempted to grab a couple more just in case the ladder or the fencing could work out for these two. But hey, at least the problem of campsite seating is solved for now!

So now the question remains... just how far will Daryl and carol go to recover Daryl's crossbow from Rocket Raccoon? What is Rocket doing with it? When will I start reviewing the Funko Pop! figures that I've started accumulating? We shall see! (Dun dun duuuuuun!)



  2. What a cool campsite you put together!

    1. Thanks, Muff! I've been keeping an eye out for things that could work well in this scale, and I'm so tickled at how it's going!