Thursday, December 18, 2014

Barbie "Stocking Stuffers"

The usual side stroll through the toy section resulted in something catching my eye that honestly has been needed for a long time.

Barbie separates/accessory packs! I found the Ken pieces in a bin of "stocking stuffers", but the Barbie pieces were back over on the doll aisle. 

There were three Ken outfits to choose from when I arrived, and a whole display of Barbie stuff. The Ken sets were $5 (a whole outfit for a little less than the usual cost!) and the Barbie sets were about $2.50 each. Whereas Ken's outfit comes ready-made, the Barbie sets were different. You could chose a single blouse, a skirt, or a simple dress, or an accessory set that had a purse and two pairs of shoes (one flat, one heels) plus some other odds and ends.

Here's Anna, wearing most of today's purchases. She really does seem to be the most likely contender for "Person to Wear Cat Ear Tiara", doesn't she? The Barbie house seemed like the obvious place to take some pics. The headband, necklace, purse, bracelet and BOTH pairs of shoes came in that one little baggie, remember! The accessory set has me over the moon. Not only is it cute, it's a LOT of stuff for the money. Plus check that out The shoes fit the Disney Store articulated body!

They're a little long, but they fit well, and isn't that the most important part?

The heels also look fine. I love the subtle "kitty face" on the fronts!

The bracelet also has a little cat on it, and the purse is adorable. I would carry this purse and feel NO shame. When's the last time I EVER thought that, let alone said it out loud?

The flash bounce has taken away some of the detail in this cute necklace, but yes - that is a kitty necklace. Like everything else in this bag, it is very cute.

I'm less impressed with the dress I got - the fit is just a little bit off, but I think it's a mild sewing error and not something that's representative of this mini-line as a whole.

 The casual suit Eugene has grabbed up reminds me of the late 80's. The shirt is less turquoise irl than it appears here. The herringbone vest and striped tie are, amazingly, meant to go together.

The pants are a bit long, but I think this is my favorite Ken shoe mold in a LONG time! Snazzy!

Even more snazzy: the vest pattern is continued on the back of the shirt, and in the same fabric! The sole let down on this outfit is that the collar of the shirt is unfinished. It probably wouldn't be a problem in play, but I hates me some unfinished edges!

These are definitely GREAT pieces for the money, especially the accessory sets, imo. The Ken pieces were all great and how long has it been since that guy got some new clothes that you didn't have to buy a doll for?

I can't help but hope that this means we could be seeing fashion packs for Monster High again - or even single item or accessory sets like these. Seriously Mattel! Make sets like this for MH! Make them blind bags. They'd sell out in NO TIME!

Final evaluation: FIND THEM. BUY THEM.


  1. Well dammit. There goes one of your presents back to the store..

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  3. I'm looking for that cat-themed set like there's no tomorrow, but I can't find it anywhere ç_ç I live in Italy. It's super cute and I LOVE the fact that the shoes fit the 100% articulated Disney Dolls...I have three of them and I'm definitely lacking in the shoe department!! XD