Sunday, November 30, 2014

Disney Store: Big Hero 6 Honey Lemon doll review

Confession time: I originally thought I'd probably want Gogo Tamago's fashion doll when I saw that Big Hero 6 was getting dolls of the gals. But well... then I noticed that Gogo's arms/hands were actually cast in yellow and black. Not a fan. I get why it was done, but sooooo not a fan.

Instead, I started looking more seriously at Honey Lemon, and was struck by her quirky expression and remembered my love for her stupendously practical superhero outfit with a totally amazing helmet.

So for about $18 with tax, Honey came home with me this weekend. Rapunzel, who is still in awe that I managed to find a Pascal for her, is convinced that she now has a sister. Hopefully Pascal there will keep 'Punzie from dragging home any more animals. It's starting to look like the Palace Pets around here!

The back of Honey's box has a little bit of info about her battle suit, and a picture of her preparing to throw a capsule from her weapon bag thing.

To remove Honey, most of your work is going to be done on the doll side of the cardboard. Freeing one of her legs is about all you can do on this side. The process is pretty painless. No plastic staples in the clothing, just across the doll in a few places, and a couple of clear rubber bands to snip.

Also, there's a bit of thread securing her hair to the plastic, but to my surprise just one quick and easy to access snip was all it took to free her.

And so, here's Honey, in all her ridiculously lanky glory. Holy cats is this girl tall. I'm annoyed that one of her super-thin legs is bent at a funky angle due to how it was secured with a wire tie. Anyone know a good fix for that? It's hard as heck to get her to stand like this, even leaning against something. Her visor helmet, as you can see, is able to be opened. The helmet itself is easy to put on and take off, and manages to be big enough for redressing which also small enough to fit well. The antennae on it do not move.

How tall is Honey? She stands about a HEAD taller than Rapunzel on her Liv body! I didn't think to snap a pic of Anna next to her, but the height difference is comparable.

Here's Honey in the movie, for reference. Thanks, Google!

Honey comes with her pellet-producing ultra-kawaii bag, and some multicolored capsules. Little kids might think these tiny accessories are candy, so I wouldn't recommend letting them have these things.

The capsules/pellets/balls can be fed into the hole atop the bag, and they exit from the back.

Yes, they exit from the bear's rear. Hands up if you failed to keep from snickering at this.

Honey's armor snaps apart for semi-easy removal. The belt is your standard peg and hole closure.

There are lots of little pegs to line up just right on this chest piece.

Honey's dress and sleeves are one piece, and her leggings are another. The sleeves are extra long, and have stitched-together niches for her thumbs. Little kiddos might have trouble with this detail when redressing. Loose, her hair comes down just below her waist. It's sort of strawberry-orange blonde, with streaks of lighter color in it.

My doll has a small flaw, a black mark just above her right eyebrow. Her hair is silky and pleasant, with no discernable trace of styling product. Her big luminous green eyes glance to her left, and her eyebrows are a darker brown color. Her eyeshadow is a very, very faint wash of purple, and overall her makeup is nice and subtle. Her pink lipstick is the brightest bit of "makeup" on her face.

Undressed, it's obvious that most of Honey's height comes from her crazy-long legs. I will be brutally honest here. I love how tall she is, but hate her legs. They're so ridiculously skinny. They're Winx-skinny.

And of course, they have the hip articulation that makes the doll sit like she's trying to ride a horse. She does have a sturdier version of the hinged knees, though.

She can do the splits like nobody's business, though!

And she can even kneel decently if you widen her stance as far as it will go.

Since she had the Winx type legs and feet, I thought I'd see if she could wear Winx clothing. The leggings and shoes fit Honey as well as the doll they originally came on. The top, however? It was stretched to capacity to fit over Honey's chest. The little "vest" detail was almost ready to pop off and fly away!

No gaps in the backs of the shoes!

It's really too bad the shirt doesn't fit. The color and design look great on her!

I tried another set of Winx shoes on her, and they fit as well.. as long as you don't mind that her foot crowds the front of the shoe a bit.

Her feet are so skinny that open-toed Monster High (left) and Stardoll (right) shoes look patently ridiculous on her.

Even closed-toe ankle boots look off. As you can see, this girl's toes are so long, they force her foot into a weird position when you get the shoe on her!

Comparison of Honey's foot (left) with Monster High (right).

Comparison of Honey's foot (still left) with articulated Disney Store leg (right)

 I honestly thought that Honey was probably on a regular Disney Store articulated body when I bought her. The legs and feet are obviously different from the knees down.

Honey *can* wear Liv tops that have some stretch to them, and pants are okay-ish. They tend to look a little off, though. Plus there's the fact that everything is short on her. Capris? Shorts. Long pants? Capris. Annoying. I tried to put her head on a Liv body and a Fashionista Barbie body. In both cases, her head was so loose that the weight of her hair effortlessly dragged her head backwards on the neck. No dice. I should mention here that Honey's head comes off and pops back on like a champ. The neck post mechanism designer is to be congratulated.

Just for funsies, I tried putting Honey's head on Ever After High Raven Queen's body. Huuuuuge difference in neck post sizes.

However, she's oddly cute like this, isn't she?

So here's the bottom line on Honey Lemon:

She's very movie-accurate in her look and in her accessories. She's sweet-faced and wholesome looking, yet still a superhero lady genius. Her shoes and leggings are way too skinny for her to share with other Disney Princess dolls, however. And her lower legs are frustrating, reedy things that I'm afraid I'm going to damage when I try to shove her shoes back on. I like that she's so tall, but hate that her lower limbs seem to be lacking in terms of construction. It's a pain in the tuckus to get this girl to stand!

I'm a little disappointed with her due to that, and I think I'd enjoy her more on a body with better legs - even if she wasn't so tall. I'm also let down that her personalized costume isn't perfectly sharable with other Disney Classic dolls. Anna would make an amazing Honey Lemon cosplayer. At the end of the day, I'm sort of wondering if Gogo's yellow and black limbs would really have been such a bad trade off? A day after unboxing her, I'm still arguing with myself over her and it mostly comes down to her darned legs!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Toy sightings update!

Interesting sightings that have been accumulating on my phone. 

Yes, even Walking Dead has knockoff Legos now. I was sorely tempted by these, even though the scene was very simple. Breaking point? No Carol. We cannot have Daryl without Carol, AMC merchandizing!

They also had these figure blind bags, which were tempting, but knowing my luck I'd get the Governor or zombies. Once again, no Carol. There is a Sophia though. That's just mean!

I may or may not have drooled embarrassingly over this giant Gipsy Danger.

I was surprised to see Beatrix Girls fashion packs.

Looks like they're all pajamas?

There were also new dolls, which came with their instruments.

I kind is want to like these dolls, but I find their bodies tremendously flimsy and rather disappointing.

The little toddler princess dolls apparently now include Anna and Elsa! Tiana here is so cute!

The Moxie Girlz now have a whole archery line. Three different dolls, each with a "working" bow and trophy, and a different target.

Speaking of the Moxie's, I've been meaning to bring up this cool horse and carriage set.

No articulation that I noticed on the horse, but that is one sweet carriage. If it had been big enough for my other dolls, I'd probably have bought it.

Monster High had this wacky new offering: a styling head. The presentation is pure mad science, and the accessories  are a mix of several characters. Earrings, ears(!), and more are just waiting to make Frankie Stein's disembodied head under glass a horribly haute mutant. Way to take that bland styling head concept and make something offbeat, Mattel.