Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Daryl Dixon "Flashback Figure"

Okay, finally got that Anastasia post out of the way, so here's what I found earlier! I think I posted awhile back about finding the McFarlane Toys "Walking Dead" action figures at Walmart on clearance for $3 each awhile back. If I didn't, then there you go. That happened.

I also got a great deal on apple licorice, which is food of the gods.

I really really wanted a *good* figure of Daryl Dixon, though. I'm not a fan of the sculpt on the figure of Daryl that was put out in a two-pack with his brother Merle. See them here at ToysRUs.com, and judge for yourself. Merle looks great, but Daryl looks like he made a tragic choice to trust a fart and it trying to figure out if anyone will notice him deciding to wander off for a bit.

Then came the "Daryl and Chopper" figure set. Amazing sculpt, super-poseable. But it came with that bike. Great bike, but I didn't need a bike. It would sit around in the closet until something fell on it and broke it. So I watched ebay and hoped someone would put the figure alone up for a reasonable price. Short version of this story, it never happened and I gave up on getting a solo Daryl and set my sights on the hopefully more attainable Carol Peletier figure due out this December.

Then I happened to be in Walgreens and while sorting through the toys, I found this guy.
I grabbed him up and managed to score him for a mere $10, since a selection of tv and game-inspired action figures were on sale. I went back and grabbed a second one later, after realizing how bummed I'd be if/when I broke him and couldn't find a replacement.

The package, instead of "Series", describes this as a "Flashback Figure". They also had Michonne (with some walker heads), and a couple of walkers in the assortment.

The card back shows the upcoming Series Six assortment, which will include newcomer Abraham Ford along with Hershel Green, Rick Grimes, another (?) figure of the Governor, Carol, and a zombie because they have to have at least one walker in every line, I guess. I'm curious, does anyone collect the walkers, or do they just get one or two when they go on sale so their other figures can have something to shoot at/stomp on?

Daryl comes with a knife, and his trusty crossbow. Apologies for the orangeness, my camera didn't like the choice of background.

This has GOT to be the exact same figure that came with the bike. Look at his crazy level of articulation!

He can even sit flat on the ground if you use his hands to prop him up!

Daryl's knife fits perfectly in its sheath, and a minor complaint about this figure is that I'm a little afraid that this thing and/or the rag sticking out from under his shirt may be knocked off or something. They do interfere slightly with posing that leg. Look at the detail on the lacing on his vest! It's insane!

The back of his vest features the now-iconic "angel wings" design.

Getting Daryl to hold his crossbow was a frustrating and nerve-wracking process. I was really afraid that I'd snap off some fingers. Thankfully, I got it in his right hand eventually. I wasn't able to pose him with both hands on it without him dropping the thing, though.

Crossbow from the right side. 

And from the left. 

"I'm Daryl Dixon, an' this's mah trophy wall! Shoot me OR mah brother, this's how ya end up!"
Daryl's feeling pretty good about being the only figure from the line (so far) to be allowed to wander free. Phillip's been warned that his spare head will be used as a soccer ball if he gets any bright ideas about busting free. 

"Keep an eye on 'em, Chirpy. Either of 'em so much as twitch, give 'em th' zap."
*emphatic whistle-beep*
Our favorite redneck has made friends with one of my R2D2 toys, who joined him to admire the "losers frozen in carbonite" wall. 

"Good afternoon, Mr. Dixon! You may call me KITT."
"The frikken' HECK are YOU supposed to be?!"
That wasn't quite enough to prepare him to meet one of my favorite toys, though. KITT was my birthday present to myself this year, and has barely been out of his box because I'm overprotective of him like that. KITT is pleased to make Daryl's acquaintance, even if Daryl's not so sure about this talking car business. 

"And he's always doing things that *I* get blamed for! And then who has to bail him out?"
"This is th' dangest thang I seen all DAY! It's like Darth Vader's bathroom in here."
"Mr. Dixon, I haven't made a comment until now about your 'Redneck Mad Max' look, but if you insist.."
KITT's eager to point out that they have some things in common, such as troublesome older brothers who have a bad habit of getting in trouble with the law. Daryl's pretty sure that he shouldn't have let Beth talk him into drinking that moonshine, but decides to go ahead and talk to the crazy magic car. Sure, why not? 

"Okay, you cain't blame my diet for me not fittin' in here!"
"Mr. Dixon, my sensor inform me that you smell alarmingly of squirrel...?"

KITT's just managed to convince his new acquaintance to go for a zombie-proof ride, when this happened. Drat it all, Daryl's just a little too big! 

The perfect position for sniping undesirables and zombies.
But they'll be hanging out while we wait for Carol to appear anyway. Out of scale or not, this is a fantastic crossover idea, IMO. 

I'm beyond stoked to see Daryl in stores solo, let alone for the affordable price of $12 that he's going for at full retail in Walgreens. I haven't seen this particular line anywhere else around town, but it would definitely be worth checking wherever the figures have been sold in the past if you're eager to grab him. I can't wait to add Carol to the mix.

"No time ta 'splain! Get in th' car!"


  1. Awesome figure and that car is boss!

    1. I was really pleased with him, especially for the price! I've been intending to do a post about KITT since getting him, but he keeps getting shuttled back into the safety of his box. Poor KITT, he needs to get out more!

  2. He is very fine! He needs to hang out with KITT just because both are cool.

    You're fortunate in your Walgreen's -- I can think of only one in my vicinity that might have carried figures of his nature.

    1. I think they're going to be good friends. :D

      Our Walgreens has a very eclectic collection of toys - knockoff Barbie dolls alongside Game of Thrones action figures. It's always interesting to peruse. The local Walmart had the last series of Walking Dead figures, which included the Governor and Andrea. They currently have a collection of Funko POP figures and collectable tv/movie figures up next to the checkout, right next to the Pokemon cards. A few of the same have also popped up at the semi-local-ish Hastings media store, if you have one of them near you. Of course, Hastings never seems to put ANYTHING on sale. *sigh*


    1. Okay, so MacGuyver replaces Michael Knight, The A-Team expands to include Daryl and Carol, and KARR and Merle team up to be the anti-hero guest stars! Who could write the theme song, though?