Saturday, October 11, 2014

Autumn 2014 Dollybox

Still not that Anastasia post, but I just had to share this! I'd never heard of subscription boxes until recently (and yes, it's quite roomy here where I live under this big rock), but one of the awesome members of the Monster High Arena was talking about putting together a doll-based box. That sounded pretty cool to me. I'm all about Halloween, and I love surprises. So let's take a look at the loot, which Nii is already camping out in the middle of!

Everything in that pic except the bedspread, Nii, and her bracelets was packed into the box, including a note explaining the contents.

2 fabric photo backdrops (a quilt-looking one and a cool halloween scene)
A "tombstone" storage box
Candy (I ate some already)
Assorted ribbons in autumn/halloween colors/designs
Coffin-shaped coffee table/storage box
Doll-size candy props
Doll-size paper leaves
Doll-size "potion" bottles
Plastic leaves (I'll be using those on my kitchen table
Hair clips in dark/halloween colors
Lala-loopsy scarecrow doll
Doll-size hairclips
Snakes (gonna have to keep those hidden from Finn)
Doll-scale cauldron/tub
Glittery pumpkin decor
McDonald's Ghoulia glasses
1 pair Cerise Hood SDCC doll boots
1 clip-on witch hat barette
Instant apple cider
"Fall Fairy" outfit made of fabric "leaves"
1 corset top
1 "spiderweb" skirt

That's a LOT of stuff! Let's take a closer look.

Here's some of the doll candy and potions, along with some leaves in the coffin-table.

The outside of the box is hand painted with a cute design that brings Draculaura to mind. The lace "skirting" is a cute touch!

Ribbons and more potions! Also, a SNAKE! AGGGH!

Another snake, along with some of the completely adorable doll-size candy. Awwww!

I was a little confused as to what the leaves were at first. I even wondered briefly if it was a hat! Thankfully the contents letter explained that it was a top and skirt.

I can neither confirm not deny that I tried on those glasses.

Tiny doll-size hairclips! And a red barrette!

Nii looks like an adorable little witch in this outfit. The hat really brings it together.

 I was fooling around with the leaf outfit pieces and ended up putting them on top of the corset and spiderweb skirt. I think the leaf top makes a pretty cute capelet, too! The backdrop works nicely, too. If I had to pick a favorite thing out of this box, I think it would be a tie between the cute corset outfit, the tiny doll candy, and the cute hand-painted coffee table. I really enjoyed this box, and I hope that there's an encore edition of it this winter.

I know Nii is hopeful for some more goodies, too.

Spoiled little monster.


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    1. I know, right? I'm signing up for the winter one, too! I was astounded how much stuff was in the box.. it was about the size of a shoebox!