Monday, October 13, 2014

Anastasia and Dmitri dolls

Okay, I have something I'm dying to post about, but I made myself promise that I would finally post about the Anastasia dolls I got on eBay awhile back before I posted ANY MORE new stuff. Ready? Let's take a look at Anya/Anastasia and Dmitri, circa 1997!

As you probably know, Fox's Anastasia was one of their many attempts to "out-Disney" the competition, and it's just about as close as they ever came. There were probably a song or two in excess, and comparing the real Romanovs to the film would just give you a headache with all the inaccuracies, but as a fictionalized representation of an adapted story that's being marketed as a "fairy tale", they did quite alright with it.

I don't remember there being ANY merchandise for it on the shelves at the local stores, but that's probably due to a combination of it being a very small town, and early senility making me forget that this stuff was there. At any rate, I've admired the dolls off and on in the secondhand market for a long time, and finally managed to score a lot that included dolls of Anya/Anastasia and Dmitri, plus an extra doll's clothing set for a really good, couldn't-believe-it price on eBay awhile back. 

I'm actually not sure which version of Anya/Anastasia this is, since she came with two different complete outfits. I'm basing my guess that the doll is "Dream Waltz" Anastasia, based solely on the hair. This dress washes EVERYONE out, not just Anna. The super-long skirt of the dress actually is longer than the doll's legs, and super-super full, perfect for swirling around like in the scene from the movie.

(Note: Anya/Ana's tiara was included, but I couldn't get it to stay on her head for love nor money.)

A quick look at Google or eBay for the boxed version of this doll reveals that she also would originally have come with a cassette tape of the "waltz sequence" song, "Once Upon a December". I think this is actually the ONLY thing that the eBay lot I got didn't include.

The dress is composed of two layers of skirt, the topmost of which had a clear elastic to loop over the doll's arm to aid in holding it up as in the film. The bodice has a square neck and the sleeves are made of pearly shimmery material. The blue sash at the waist is sewn into a nice bow at the back, which is nice because you don't have to worry about tying and untying it to change the doll's clothing. As you can see, there is a little bit of staining, possibly from the other dress I got, on the lower back seam of the ballgown.

Anya/Anastasia also includes a "pearl" bracelet, ring, and earrings, plus a hair bow that matches her sash which is on an elastic tie. Her shoes are small white flats, which fit very, VERY tightly on her feet. Her arms have a swivel in the elbows, and she has a torso joint in addition to her bend/click knees. I was surprised to see that she had this extra articulation. Weirdly enough, Anya looks graceful with very little effort. Her skintone is oddly pink, but it does prevent her from being completely washed out by the yellow gown. I wish the texture of her hair was nicer. It feels frizzy and a little brittle, but that could be due to age.

Here's a close up look at Anya's feet. As you can see, they're small and have a slight molded arch. This is important to note because the other costume that came in this set was from the Paris Elegance doll, which included heels instead.

Those heels look huge compared to the waltz slippers!

Here's (most of) the full outfit. The "pearl" bracelet prevented putting the other glove on. Trying to take it off, unfortunately broke it. Paris Elegance also included two pairs of binoculars, a doll-size set and a child-size one that included some stills from the film, like an old Viewmaster. (Does anyone even remember those?) I didn't manage to photograph it, but it's a perfect replica of the doll-size one.

With a little wiggling, Rapunzel's Liv-body feet can fit the blue heels, but the white slippers are a no-go.

Jointed Disney Store doll feet, meanwhile, are way too small. This doll was unable to even keep both on long enough for me to set her down! Who could wear the dresses, though?

Since we already know Anna (from Frozen) can wear the yellow ball gown, let's let Elsa have a turn. Elsa's been modeling the latest in "swiped from a flea market doll" garb, this MGA Story Time Princess dress. I'm not sure which doll this was, maybe someone more familiar with the line can tell me. Anyway, let's see if Elsa can look bad in Anya's wardrobe!

The pale yellow ball gown washes Elsa out, but that sort of works for her. The blue dress?

Are you kidding? She kills in the blue dress! She can't wear the shoes for either of these, but they're so long that it hardly matters.

While Elsa was distracted, Anna grabbed up the green and purple dress. Elsa may not be getting this one back!

Meanwhile, let's check out Dmitri.

Oh, and Eugene 2.0 is there, too. We'll get to you in a minute, Eugene. Dmitri's doll that was included in this lot was the "Paris Romance" version, which included a suit with jacket and Anya/Anastasia's music box.

The music box is a really neat piece. Originally it would have played "Once Upon a December" when the button on the front was pressed, but it looks like the batteries are dead. It's still a really neat, faithful replica of the box in the film, though.

Take off Dmitri's suit jacket and you can see that his dress shirt, tie, vest and pants are all one piece. It doesn't fit him very well.

Remove his shoes, and you can check out his weird feet! What is up with your feet, Dmitri?

Disappointingly, but not surprisingly, Dmitri's articulation is worlds behind Anya's. Where her head, shoulders, elbows, torso and legs had movement that allowed her to strike versatile poses... he can sort of twist his head, arms and legs back and forth. Department store mannequins have more natural poses than this guy! Eugene  is about the same height, but Dmitri's got a broader chest and shoulders.

So of course this means that putting Eugene in this suit makes him look like a ventriloquist dummy in hand me downs.

Here's the back of the suit, showing the jacket tails.

I think we'll be keeping Eugene in his new outfit for a while. He looks like he's joined a well-dressed bowling league, but you know what? It kind of works for him!

Although Dmitri's doll and outfit were disappointing, I have to say that I'm impressed with the Anastasia dolls over all. The Anya/Anastasia dolls have gorgeous, well-made clothing and the dolls themselves are capable of some very expressive posing. I'm glad I got this lot, and rather sad that I wasn't able to grab any of the merch for this movie when it came out. Maybe eBay will bring another bargain lot my way, though?


  1. Y'know, I kinda like how Elsa looks in the yellow dress. It matches her hair.

    It's too bad the color washes out everybody, as it's a magnificent dress.

    1. I think I like it best on Elsa, I've actually put her back into it for display. It really is a beautiful dress! I hope that I can find a setting that will make the most of it for photos.

  2. I agree with SP up there. Elsa looks like some kind of lemondrop fairy. :D

  3. I like all the clothes, especially that blue dress and stole.

    1. Thanks, Muff! The blue dress is certainly eye-catching and dramatic, isn't it? There's another version of it that I'd love to get my hands on from the Anastasia/Grandmother 2-pack, it's made of more shimmery, slinkier material.

  4. The Story Time Princess dress came from the princess and the pea doll. great post, btw.

    1. Thank you! I found the doll at the flea market a couple of weeks ago, and recognized the face as the STP dolls, but I wasn't familiar enough with the line to ID the gal. Maybe I can find a new body for her, she has SUCH a cute face.

    2. I know! I sadly missed out on these dolls when they were in stores, but a quick trip to eBay and my local flea market, I have almost the entire collection. And did you know that they actually made a Shrek Fiona doll too?

    3. wait, no, they made a doll of ALL of the princesses in Shrek, with a Kung Fu action.

    4. Whaaaaat? I'm pretty sure we never got those in my local stores. I'd remember some kung fu princesses! I'll have to keep checking back with the "toy" man who comes to the local flea market. Maybe he has some more someplace.