Sunday, September 14, 2014

Under the Weather

You know, you don't appreciate things like your health until they're gone. Personally, I hadn't appreciated being able to speak or breathe without hacking up a lung until recently.

Boy, how the common cold fixes THAT oversight.

I haven't managed to find much at the local thrift, and some some reason the local Walmart has reverted to their old, uninspiring model of just knocking a buck or two off of items and calling it "clearance". No one writes battle anthems for that kind of event!

Here are a few things I have snagged, though. Just a few words about each because I'm exhausted. You wouldn't think coughing and sleeping could make a person so tired!

Another pair of Sparkle Girls outfits that are separates. I was disappointed to discover that the black, white and lime green top has a weird side-gather that obscures the design. The puff paint-spattered stretch jeans/leggings are perfect for Rapunzel.

"Gothic" Barbie-size clothes at Dollar General. For $4, honestly these are overpriced. They don't fit the modern Barbie body, and will have to be tailored a bit. The shoes exude some sort of sticky, terrifying toxin. Take a look at the card:

Not scared yet?

How about now? That stuff doesn't wash off, by the way. Even after being run through the dishwasher, they were tacky and icky. Straight into the trash they went.

 I took the other set back, deciding $4 was too much for such ill-fitting (and toxic?) items. I did keep this set, though. Didn't get a pic before unboxing, but it had the same shoes. A different, diamond-shaped hairbrush came with it, though. And get this...

Just like legit Barbie fashions, the details don't wrap all the way around all the gowns! The black lacy trim is only on the front of the purple and pink party dress, the overskirt is only on the front half of the long navy gown... and actually the burgundy dress is okay. The lace doesn't meet up on the back of the bodice, but it wraps around the skirt. Good enough.

Most of a knockoff brand kitchen appeared at the thrift, and for $1, I got these two pieces, a bathtub, and about five barbies in varying stages of nearly nude to fully nude. I find it's simpler if I just go ahead and buy the ratty looking ones and throw them away, since the store doesn't seem to acknowledge that no one will want a doll with a chewed off hand, missing scalp, or a mutilated face. (Seriously, they leave those poor dolls out there to suffer)

Apparently these items had sound features at some point, they have slots for AA batteries in the back. They're missing some cabinet doors, though. I wonder how hard it would be to find/make new ones?

Anna's emphatic that the only cooking appliance one really needs is the microwave, which is mercifully intact. Like her sundress? It came from another load of donated doll bits that I forgot to mention awhile back. (Oops!)

The bathtub is big and awesome. It's also missing the hot water knob. Eeek, cold baths!

I also scored a set of Anastasia dolls on ebay, which was pretty cool. I got Anya and Dmitri, and Anya's opera house outfit. The obvious thing to do was to toss that billowy ballgown on Elsa, but maybe...

Just maybe Anna should get a chance to shine in it! More about the Anastasia stuff later on. Poor Anna's right arm is still broken. I haven't been able to find a replacement body for her that is a match for her pallid skintone. I did discover a Disney Store Rapunzel doll with the articulated legs this week, which I nabbed up with high hopes... only to discover that Rapunzel is noticably darker in skintone than her cousin.

Well.. Back to the drawing board on THAT idea...

I don't think I've shown this gal off, either. She's got on a turtleneck and snowsuit, along with a hooded yellow slicker (with real zipper!) and tennis shoes. She's cute as a bug, but I'm not sure what she's from.


  1. These are some great items... even the toxic clothing. I like the style of the toxic stuff even though your doll may glow green at some point.

    1. The clothes seem to be fine, thankfully. No weird oozing or goo or glowing in the dark yet, ha ha! The shoes are nasty things, though.


    The Anastasia gown does look pretty good on Anna, but it washes her out a bit too. Her arms almost look like she's wearing matching gloves in the pics.

    1. Yeah, it's not a good match for Anna, but the poor gal hasn't gotten any play since Finn broke her arm. Had to cheer the poor gal up somehow, right?

  3. The leakage from those shoes is wild - I've seen sticky ones before, but that's beyond anything I'd have expected to make it into the shops!

    Still, some great finds!

    1. Isn't it crazy? I left them to dry on some chipboard after removing them from the dishwasher, and they continued to leave oily, sticky residue on everything they touched. They also attracted every speck of dust and cat hair in the area. I ended up wrapping them in plastic before throwing them away out of fear that some poor animal might try to eat them or something.

  4. HA!! I see a fake Equestria Girls brush in the fake Barbie clothes! and those toxic shoes are terrifying.

  5. The Teresa in the yellow raincoat is one of the My Design dolls from years ago when Mattel first had the program. She is a real find and a keeper too.

    I just found your blog today :O)