Tuesday, September 23, 2014

$3 Flea Market Dolls

I still need to get on that Anastasia doll post, but let's procrastinate some more! I picked up a few dolls at the flea market this weekend. There's an old man who shows up every week with a truckload of toys, VHS tapes and the odd batch of PS2 games. He always has a bunch of Barbie-size dolls (typically dressed with shoes), that he sells for $3 each. Usually, I buy these just for the clothes/shoes, as the dolls are in general no great shakes themselves. Sometimes you find one of those awesome super-articulated 12" GI Joe dolls, though! This week I got a Justin Bieber doll who looked fresh out of the box, and a Skipper who was wearing an orange-themed Mary Kate and Ashley doll outfit.

Great for fall/lounging around the house!
Eugene couldn't wear the red jeans that came on Justin, but the rest of the outfit works well with a pair of autumn-color shorts. The MK-A outfit is a bit small on Rapunzel. Maybe Punzie can use it as pajamas?

He's giving you "the smoulder"!
Oh, you may have noticed that this isn't our usual Eugene. Remember the "Sparkle Princess" line Flynn Rider I bought awhile back? Well, I rebodied him onto a Ken Fashionista body (goodbye molded-on shoes/pants!), and he looks pretty darn good. This also means that he's taller than my custom Eugene, who is on a Jake Liv body. Not sure what the ultimate fate of the Eugenes will be. Maybe an epic showdown, Highlander-style? Anyway, I also went by the local "antique mall" (read: consignment junk shop), and perused my favorite booth there. I came home with these three ladies.

So for another $3 each, we have another fully-articulated Fashionista Barbie, a Disney Store Rapunzel (with articulated legs!), and a Liv doll. Come on, can't say no to ANY Liv doll! I don't have a project in mind for her or Barbie, but I like having the bodies around to use if the need arises. The Rapunzel doll, however, I did have something in mind for. Remember how Finn broke Anna's right arm? Well, I hoped that this Rapunzel would be a good body donor.

Anna is a ghostly vision in that dress, but doesn't want to give it up.
However, Anna's seen less sunlight than even Rapunzel has, and is a stark pale tone that just won't mesh with Rapunzel's more peachy tones. Rapunzel's body is bound to come in handy at some point, though. Maybe I'll rebody her Disney Store brunette self on there? There's also the matter of her dress.

This'll be fun to explain to the royal tailors...
Apparently DS Rapunzel has been pioneering the latest in tearaway skirt technology, which is sure to revolutionize the mooning industry. I didn't think my mediocre sewing skills were up to the job of fixing this, and there wasn't much holding the bodice to the skirt, so...

One visit from the scissors-fairy later, Punzie had one seriously styling blouse that's sure to look great with a skirt but also looks pretty cool with just a pair of jeans and sneakers. Hm.. Maybe I need to be browsing eBay for more "TLC princess gowns" to give this treatment to?

I like this look! It's as cute and quirky as Rapunzel herself is!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Midnight Magic Fakies!

Ah fall. When cheaper stores begin rolling out merchandise attempting to pass as the legit product. I love it.

Here we have some of the Midnight Magic dolls for this year, via Family Dollar, which come sporting tattered 'ballgown' style dresses. I'm assuming that this is in response to the EAH Thronecoming dolls. The packaging on the MM dolls has upgraded too. The graphics look much sharper than in years past, and have nice artwork of the characters. They still have the same blow molded Ugg-knockoff shoes, though.

They also had legit MH goodies, such as these "Scary Cute Figures". Draculaura, Frankie or Clawdeen are $5 each, and come with a figure of their pet. Count Fabulous is almost as big as the figure that came with the first Draculaura doll!
I was actually carrying one of these around until I saw THESE:

MINI DOLLS! Sorry MH, but I've been wanting mini monsters and for $3, I'm gonna get one.

Pippa is the doll I picked out, solely because I liked her red and black dress.

The back of the box has a story detailing how the girls drink a potion concocted by Pippa and discover they've shrunk. These girls are risk-takers! It's interesting that they're trying to build a storyline for these dolls instead of just having them be fakie Monster High dolls.

Deboxing is painless. Just one twist tie holds the doll in place, one for the brush, and some flimsy tape keeps the shoes and extra dress in place.

I like this brush. It's really cute!

Two pairs of shoes and neither really match an outfit? That's just lazy.

The doll's hair is silky, but a little coarse at the ends. It's also a little thin in places. No pigtails for Pippa.

Compared to a real MH doll, she's TINY! You'll also notice that she's got one leg bent, so she can't stand unassisted.

Frankly, she can't sit worth a darn, either. Not unless you find something for her to sit on and lean against.

Here's Pippa compared to some similarly-sized mini dolls: Mini Pullip and mini LPS Blythe.

As you can see, they're all constructed similarly, with five points of articulation. Pippa appears to be smaller in the bust than these two, but actually she's pretty similar.

Mini Pullip and Pippa can swap clothes, other than the shoes. Pippa had to shimmy for all she was worth to get that skirt over her hips, though. I didn't try to get the jacket on her, since her splayed fingers didn't look like they'd fit.

Mini Blythe's dress is scandalously short on Pippa, but it would make a good blouse. Pippa can also wear Blythe's shoes! Blythe barely manages to squeeze into Pippa's spare dress, and the shoes are a no-go.

So there you have it. $3 worth of mini doll entertainment? I think so. The clothes are cheaply made at best, but the fact that the tiny shoes actually fit (and stay on!) is a bonus. There aren't any actual mini Monster High dolls out unless you count the pens from a couple of years ago. (And I don't!) These little dolls are cheap, but they're also cheap enough that you can get all four without spending $20. Getting extra one piece outfits and shoes just sweetens the deal, and considering that they can wear other mini doll outfits it won't be hard to give them a wardrobe upgrade.

I do wish that the legs were even so you could stand or sit them down more easily, though.

Still cute, though! Let's see Mattel get some real MH minis or even smaller characters on the market now!

Edit: Forgot to mention I found these dolls at Family Dollar! Sorry for the confusion!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Under the Weather

You know, you don't appreciate things like your health until they're gone. Personally, I hadn't appreciated being able to speak or breathe without hacking up a lung until recently.

Boy, how the common cold fixes THAT oversight.

I haven't managed to find much at the local thrift, and some some reason the local Walmart has reverted to their old, uninspiring model of just knocking a buck or two off of items and calling it "clearance". No one writes battle anthems for that kind of event!

Here are a few things I have snagged, though. Just a few words about each because I'm exhausted. You wouldn't think coughing and sleeping could make a person so tired!

Another pair of Sparkle Girls outfits that are separates. I was disappointed to discover that the black, white and lime green top has a weird side-gather that obscures the design. The puff paint-spattered stretch jeans/leggings are perfect for Rapunzel.

"Gothic" Barbie-size clothes at Dollar General. For $4, honestly these are overpriced. They don't fit the modern Barbie body, and will have to be tailored a bit. The shoes exude some sort of sticky, terrifying toxin. Take a look at the card:

Not scared yet?

How about now? That stuff doesn't wash off, by the way. Even after being run through the dishwasher, they were tacky and icky. Straight into the trash they went.

 I took the other set back, deciding $4 was too much for such ill-fitting (and toxic?) items. I did keep this set, though. Didn't get a pic before unboxing, but it had the same shoes. A different, diamond-shaped hairbrush came with it, though. And get this...

Just like legit Barbie fashions, the details don't wrap all the way around all the gowns! The black lacy trim is only on the front of the purple and pink party dress, the overskirt is only on the front half of the long navy gown... and actually the burgundy dress is okay. The lace doesn't meet up on the back of the bodice, but it wraps around the skirt. Good enough.

Most of a knockoff brand kitchen appeared at the thrift, and for $1, I got these two pieces, a bathtub, and about five barbies in varying stages of nearly nude to fully nude. I find it's simpler if I just go ahead and buy the ratty looking ones and throw them away, since the store doesn't seem to acknowledge that no one will want a doll with a chewed off hand, missing scalp, or a mutilated face. (Seriously, they leave those poor dolls out there to suffer)

Apparently these items had sound features at some point, they have slots for AA batteries in the back. They're missing some cabinet doors, though. I wonder how hard it would be to find/make new ones?

Anna's emphatic that the only cooking appliance one really needs is the microwave, which is mercifully intact. Like her sundress? It came from another load of donated doll bits that I forgot to mention awhile back. (Oops!)

The bathtub is big and awesome. It's also missing the hot water knob. Eeek, cold baths!

I also scored a set of Anastasia dolls on ebay, which was pretty cool. I got Anya and Dmitri, and Anya's opera house outfit. The obvious thing to do was to toss that billowy ballgown on Elsa, but maybe...

Just maybe Anna should get a chance to shine in it! More about the Anastasia stuff later on. Poor Anna's right arm is still broken. I haven't been able to find a replacement body for her that is a match for her pallid skintone. I did discover a Disney Store Rapunzel doll with the articulated legs this week, which I nabbed up with high hopes... only to discover that Rapunzel is noticably darker in skintone than her cousin.

Well.. Back to the drawing board on THAT idea...

I don't think I've shown this gal off, either. She's got on a turtleneck and snowsuit, along with a hooded yellow slicker (with real zipper!) and tennis shoes. She's cute as a bug, but I'm not sure what she's from.