Friday, August 22, 2014

Review: Funko Pop! Rocket Raccoon Bobblehead

You guys will have to forgive my ignorance where Funko Pop! figures are concerned. If I've got it right, there are bobblehead figures and then similarly-sized/styled vinyl figures that aren't bobbly.

I, like pretty much everyone else who has ever seen them, have been seriously tempted by Funko's Pop! figures. Sometimes the vacant black eyes are a little creepy, but sometimes it works. I've been waiting eagerly for the Walking Dead Carol Peletier figure since finding out about it, but I noticed that the Pop! bobbleheads for Guardians of the Galaxy were available on Disney Movie Rewards and couldn't resist one.

Remember what I said about the black button-like eyes working sometimes? This is DEFINITELY one of those times. The left side of the package includes a window so that you can get a good look at the little fella.

I think the DMR site had Rocket, Starlord, Drax and Gamora when I ordered, but now they seem to only have Rocket and Starlord. For only 550 points, they're a pretty sweet deal!

The back of the package shows all the figures in the line. I find myself kind of wanting a Groot, too.

One thing that was a nice extra is that the packing slip for the figure included a code for 50 points. The right side of the package has some cute full figure art of the character.

The top of the box has Rocket peeking out, which is adorable.

No prison can hold Rocket! Here he is, free of his plastic and cardboard holding cell. There's nothing holding the figure in the plastic mounting, so you can pull them free for a photo op, then back into the box for storage.

Handy, that.

Rocket is not amused by how pettable Rapunzel finds him.

"Back off, toots!"

There's some nice detail when you get up close. Sculpted details in his fur, costume, and gun really bring the character to life.
Since the figure's head is on a spring, he really doesn't have any articulation, but he's so stupidly adorable that he really doesn't need it. He's a bit on the small size, only about three inches tall, but it's a good size for a talking weaponsmith trigger-happy raccoon.

I'm not sure that I'll need more Pop figures after I get Daryl and Carol from Walking Dead, but they are incredibly appealing figures, even though they're basically desk decorations. Considering that you can basically get them "free", without even paying shipping from DMR, I think they're a great value. Pop! style plush have been appearing on the site too, so if you like Disney characters and Pop figures, it's definitely worth your while to keep an eye on the Rewards page.


  1. Although I don't own a single one, I do like the POP figures because they convey an attitude and emotion that I like my figures to have. Since figures are basically stationary, they need some oomph to make them more than just a hunk of plastic and the POP people are good at that.

    1. I've admired the Pop figures for quite a while, but for $10 or more, I couldn't quiiiiite talk myself into them. I hope I haven't opened Pandora's toybox by getting one. I'm already wondering if I need the newly-announced Dancing Groot figure when it arrives in stores.