Friday, August 22, 2014

New stuff incoming! It's reset time!

My Walmart is finally starting their reset, which hopefully means Clearance Day is on the horizon. While we wait, here are a few neat things I spotted on my trip through the store.

A sisters pack of Mattel's Frozen dolls with dresses that aren't even partially molded on. The glitter only extends across the front of their gowns.

A few Frozen talking beanie plush resurfaced, too.

There were also several Sparkle Girls fashion sets. I was disappointed to see that it looked like the tops and skirts were sewn together. There were several sets of these.

There was also this larger set.

They also had some non-princess/fairy dolls. I was pretty tempted by this one's outfit.

This one is also really cute, but the raincoat doesn't have finished edges.

This just cracked me up. Anyway, back at it...

Some sort of generic Popples?

These My Life ponies seem pretty small for their intended dolls...

But they could work pretty well for 1:6 dolls!

They also had these Mashems of Disney's Planes characters. If they had a Maru, I'd be all over these things.

I love Maru. :D


  1. When exactly is Clearence day? Does it happen at any other walmarts??

    1. My local Walmart tends to have a big clearance event right around the time they do their reset for the Christmas/holiday season. I treat it as a sort of unofficial surprise holiday, personally. They gather up all of the undesired merchandise, and then (seemingly at random) in mid-late August they throw it out on a set of tables in front of the toy section with an insane markdown on it all to get rid of it as fast as possible. Last year it was 75% off the marked price, but it's been lower before. One year I scored Liv dolls for $2 each! The "good stuff" tends to go in the first day, so that's how I came up with the name Clearance Day. I hope it happens this year, I'm getting antsy over how long it's taking to occur.

      I know that not all stores do it like this, the one in the neighboring town sets up a section in Lawn and Garden and puts their stuff out there (they're doing it right now, actually) with a much more modest markdown. They had the Monster High Die-ner with two dolls today for $30, down from $40. You might ask your local store if they do a clearance event, it really seems to vary from store to store. I think the local store's current manager is the reason they do it this way here.

  2. Wow, I have not seen that Sparkle stuff before. I hope it comes soon to my stores.

    1. I noticed we've got a spot for the individual fashions, but the shop hasn't actually put any out yet. They still haven't gathered up the things that (according to the planograms) isn't going to be for sale anymore yet, either. That could be the issue - no room on the shelf yet!