Sunday, July 13, 2014

Stuff I DID Buy!

Before I break an arm patting myself on the back for resisting some temptation earlier this week, let's take a quick look at some things I *did* spend some cash on.

Marvel Legends: Rocket Raccoon figure. They had a whole pallet of Guardians of the Galaxy Legends figures at Walmart, and I succumbed to the hype and picked this guy up. I was impressed that he appears to have eight points of articulation: head, shoulders, elbows, wrists, and waist. His tail might be another point, but I haven't deboxed him yet to see.

This furry little menace gave me a bout of sticker shock. I was anticipating him being about $15-16, but he rang up at $20! I haven't decided if I need a space criminal raccoon quite that badly yet or not.

Rocket comes with a blaster that's about as big as he is, the head and torso of his pal Groot (the build a figure for this set), and some kind of... thing. I have no clue what that thing is under Groot. A plot device, perhaps? Besides Star Lord, Gamora, Drax and Rocket, this line also includes Nova and a Robocop-looking Iron Man. Is Iron Man in this film?

I had an R Us rewards certificate, so I used it to grab up the one Thronecoming Cupid from Ever After High that was in stock there last weekend.

Something bugged me about her face, though.. and sure enough, someone finally clued me in that the problem is that one of her eyes is printed bigger than the other. (Cannot unsee!) I'll probably keep her boxed up until I can swap her out for another doll. Or I'll decide that the different sized eyes give her a fun expression and just keep her. We'll see which happens first!

Holly and Poppy O'Hair were a purchase I didn't plan to make at all, but discovering them on sale for $21 at Target meant that I had to grab them.

I really expected to love Poppy.. But then I didn't. I'm not sure if it was the darker makeup (which made me think Rocket had been her makeover advisor) or what, but she just didn't grab me. Meanwhile, Holly's serene expression slowly won me over. Fortunately, I found a new home for Poppy, so she's currently winging her way to a new life. Since these girls ARE supposed to be the children of Rapunzel in Ever After High, wouldn't it make sense...

...To have a family photo shoot? My custom Eugene and Rapunzel were very surprised to find out that they suddenly had teenage girls, but were delighted to take some pics.

Rapunzel had to grab a dress similar in style to Holly's, so they'd be matchy.

And the two rebels were too busy clowning around to take a serious portrait.

Finally, things deteriorated to piggy-back rides!

Poppy got a little misty-eyed, but we're all happy to see her heading off to find her own destiny in her new home.

 *ahem* This isn't my picture, but the actual similar item I bought at the thrift this week for a buck is so filthy, I currently have it soaking in soapy water. I'd be ashamed to show you what it looks like right now. The unit I bought is missing one of the purple bin drawers, and three of the small clear ones. The front cover is broken, so I'm going to break it off completely and see if I can make a nifty closet/storage display piece out of it, ala Muff's awesome repurposing projects. A nice coat of white paint could work wonders, don't you think?

I haven't bought this, but I WILL! I saw this image on tumblr, and it looks like Carol from The Walking Dead is getting a Funko POP! figure as well as the McFarlane action figure slated to come out this winter. Carol's one of my faves, so I will definitely be picking her up.

Of course, I'll have to get her a companion if I do.... :D

Bye, Poppy! Be sure to write so we know you made it safely!


  1. I dunno, the different sized eyes on Cupid do make her look kinda... wincey? Like she was talking to Dexter (hence the smile) then he saw Raven and immediately ran off on her.

    1. Yeah, if she looked more like she was raising an eyebrow skeptically or something, I think I'd be more into her.

    2. That would be cool, but yeah. It definitely looks like a sad/wistful thing to me. :)